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Get a Free Seed Catalog at Botanical Interests

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Botanical Interests

The free seed catalog from Botanical Interests is filled with seeds for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Botanical Interests also has a great collection of supplies, tools, and organic products.

How to Request a Free Botanical Interests Catalog

To get a free seed catalog from Botanical Interests, you must first fill out the catalog request form on the Catalog Request page on their website.

The form requires that you fill out your first and last name and the full mailing address for where the free catalog should be sent. You also have the option to include your email address in the form but it isn't necessary in order to receive the seed catalog. When you're finished, click the Submit button to request the catalog. If the form isn't working for you, you might also be able to request their free seed catalog by calling their customer service at 1-877-821-4340.

Note: New yearly catalogs are mailed out in December. If you've already requested a catalog in the past, you'll get another one this year.

Restrictions On the Botanical Interests Catalog

The Botanical Interests catalog can only be mailed to addresses that reside in the United States.

How to Read the Botanical Interests Catalog Online

Whether you're interested in saving on paper, can't wait for the catalog to arrive in the mail, or you don't live in the United States, you can still get the Botanical Interests catalog online through the website.

This online seed catalog is available for download in the PDF format. So once you're on the Botanical Interests website and you've downloaded the catalog, you'll need a PDF reader in order to open the catalog. You can then view the catalog offline and even print off specific pages of the catalog.

Tip: Botanical Interests also has a free coloring book you can download as a PDF. 

Where to Find Other Free Seed Catalogs

Other Ways to Shop at Botanical Interests

You can also shop at Botanical Interests by just visiting their website at You can add items to your shopping cart and order right from their website.

The easiest way to shop at Botanical Interests' website is to use their menus. For example, you can find flowers through the Flowers menu by the flower's name, classification, bloom period, type, and attribute. There's also a menu for herbs, vegetables, supplies and tools, organic items, and collections.

The All category is especially helpful because you can see a massive list of the hundreds of different items you can purchase from Botanical Interests, and sort them alphabetically or by price. You can also refine the results by category to find specific things like onions, squash, watermelon, eggplants, broccoli, peppers, spinach, and more.

Some other filters include classification like a large packet, flower mixes, and online/catalog exclusives. There's also a bloom period filter to only show fall, spring, or summer seeds, as well as a color, type, height, sun exposure, attribute, and season filter.