Free Valentine Theme Fonts

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    Free Valentine's Day Fonts

    free valentine's day fonts
    Rita Shehan

    Crafty people love Valentine's day. It is a holiday that begs for creative expression. A handmade card for your loved one is truly one of the loveliest presents they can receive because it is a gift that comes from the heart. Handcrafted cards can be created by both adults and children and will be treasured by the receiver for years to come.

    Valentine fonts are essential when making holiday cards. They can be used for printing sentiments, or even as a clip art source. You can color them as...MORE you wish or manipulate them in graphic imaging software to tweak them to your liking.

    We have assembled a list of nine fonts that will work with most Valentine crafts whether it is a card, scrapbook page, love letter, poem, or printable. The possibilities are endless!

    *Please respect the wishes of the font designers. If they request that the font is only for personal use, then don't use it for commercial purposes. Many designers will gladly allow commercial use if you contact them, ask permission and pay a nominal license fee.

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    Jules Love

    Jules Love Font
    Julianne Pearce

    Julianne Pearce is the artist who created the Jules Love font. This whimsical hand-drawn font was inspired by the art of Keith Haring, who started his art career drawing pictures on the New York subways.

    The font can be colored either by hand or digitally making it, even more, special! The above example of the font was painted digitally in Photoshop. I think the bright, vivid colors work well with this typeface.

    This font may be used for personal projects. If you want to use this font...MORE commercially, you must contact Julianne and purchase a commercial license.

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    Hey Cutie

    hey cutie Valentine Font
    Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris is the designer of this whimsical font.Hey Cutie is a ​hand-drawn font with small hearts and X's surrounding the characters. Bold criss-cross lines in the centers of the letters make a visual impact. This font would make a cute addition to the front of a card or on a scrapbook page layout.

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    Free Valentine Font Number 3: Love You

    Love Your Font

     Love You is a sweet font that has hand drawn style letters inside of hearts. Quick tip: If you wish to have the hearts filled with a color use lower case type. To have hearts that simply have a stroke line, make sure that the upper case button is selected.

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    Love Letters

    Love Letters Font
    Aileen Lau

    Aileen Lau is the font artist who designed the ​Love Letters font. This font is big, bold and beautiful! Tiny hearts are inside the characters, making this font perfect for Valentine's Day! This typeface is a superb example of the "less is more" principle, demonstrating that one can find beauty and elegance in simplicity.

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    True Stories

    true stories Valentine font

     True Stories is a quirky hand drawn font that would be perfect as a scrapbook layout element! The letters vary in height and have a dreamy, childlike quality. The letter O is a heart, and the letter I is only available in lower case form.

    A quick tip. Make sure you have the upper case button selected to type this font! It does not work when using the lower case selection.

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    Sexy Love Hearts

    sexy love hearts font
    Zdravko Andreev

    Zdravko Andreev is the font designer who created the Sexy Love Hearts dingbat font. This font features 26 clip art heart variations. Our favorite heart in the dingbat collection was the one that had a center of clip art flowers. These flowers can be colored any way you wish and have possibilities for beautiful variations in style.

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    Heart Heaven


    Tiny hearts form the body of the Heart Heaven font.The font is cute, but it only works well in small doses. We have found that if you use the font for just one letter, it is sufficient. If you try to make a word out of the font, it is unreadable. Remember a little bit of this font goes a long way!