Free Wedding Label Templates

Customize and Print Wedding Labels for Free

Sweets in glass jar with wedding day written on it
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These free wedding labels can be printed right from your home computer and then used to top your wedding favor boxes, adorn your envelopes, personalize a wine or water bottle, label a jar, or stuck to just about anything else you'd want to label.

It's easy to personalize these free wedding favors so you can add your custom details to them like the wedding date or the bride's and groom's names.

You can also use wedding favor tags in place of the labels or even printed out on label paper if you'd rather. You can even go wild and use both.

The wedding labels work best when printed on label paper and then you can quickly peel and stick them on just about anything. You can print them on cardstock or computer paper and then use tape or glue to adhere to them.

You can find other free wedding templates so you can create your place cards or menus. There are more wedding freebies available for everything from free catalogs to invitation samples, plus free address labels to use after you're married.

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    Free Wedding Wine Bottle Labels

    Two wine bottles with chalkboard style wedding labels

    Lily & Val / WorldLabel

    If you plan on giving a bottle of wine out as wedding favors, or you are simply just serving wine at your reception, these free wine bottle labels will be perfect.

    These wine bottle labels can all be personalized with just about anything you want from a monogram or even table numbers. They also make great gifts for other times of the year.

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    Free Wedding Water Bottle Labels

    Wedding water bottle labels
    World Labels

    If you're looking for wedding labels to stick on water bottles, these over at Wedding Bee look great.

    You can download them in a word processing program like Word or Google Docs and then customize them with the names of the bride and groom.

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    Free Wedding Address Labels

    Free address labels for wedding invitations

    Lia Griffith / World Label

    All of those wedding invitations, thank you notes, and save the date cards will need to have an address label on them. You will have to pay for a stamp but there's no reason you need to pay for an address label.

    This group of free address label templates can be customized with the return and recipient address so you'll just need to print and stick them on the envelopes.

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    Monogram Wedding Labels from Elli

    Chalkboard style monogram labels on wedding favors

     Here are some free, printable monogram labels in a cute chalkboard style. They can be personalized with your initials before printing.

    These go with any wedding theme and can be stuck on anything from favor boxes to the back of invitation envelopes.

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    Free Wedding Jar Labels

    Jam jars with homemade labels

    Using canning jars for wedding favors is a big trend right now and these canning jar labels will have them looking great.

    There are several designs to choose from whether you are giving your guests a homemade treat or putting your favors in a stylish container.

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    Free Vintage Wedding Labels

    A blue, green, and white bottle with vintage labels.
    Eat, Drink, Chic

    If you'd like to incorporate some vintage elements into your wedding, these free vintage labels will help you do just that.

    They'll look great as part of your decorations, on your wedding favors, incorporated with your flowers, or anywhere in between.

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    Wedding Lip Balm Labels from Something Turquoise

    Lip balm with labels
    Something Turqoise

    Something Turquoise has designed these free wedding labels that can be stuck to stick chapsticks or lip balm tins. 

    They say "Our Love Is the Balm" "Handmade Lip Balm" and they make perfect guest or wedding party favors.

    There's even a free lip balm recipe so you can make your own if you'd like.

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    Free Hot Sauce Wedding Label Favors from Something Turquoise

    Wedding favors of hot sauce
    Something Turquoise

    Something Turquoise has designed these adorable hot sauce bottle labels that say "Thank You for Spicing Up Our Special Day." 

    These make great favors that anyone and any age are sure to love. There's a hot sauce recipe included so you can make your hot sauce if you like.

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    Tic Tac Wedding Favor Labels from Something Turquoise

    Photo of wedding tic tacs laying on a table
     Something Turquoise

    Tic Tacs are a great wedding favor and they look so good dressed up with these wedding labels from Something Turquoise.

    The labels say "Mint To Be" with a heart with an arrow through it. You can print them in whatever color you'd like. 

    Print these labels out on label paper and it's as easy as peeling and sticking them to the top and sides of the Tic-Tac container. 

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    Mini Whiskey Bottle Labels from Swell & Grand

    Mini whisky bottles with wedding favor labels
     Swell & Grand

    Swell & Grand has designed some unique wedding labels that wrap around small bottles of whiskey that your guests can take home as a favor.

    The free, printable labels have the couple's names and date of the wedding, which can be customized before printing. 

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    Vintage Rose Wedding Label Templates from World Label

    A collection of rose label templates for a wedding
    World Labels

    The vintage rose wedding labels are truly something special and may be the perfect addition to your wedding.

    These beautifully designed wedding label templates include those for a favor, jar, wine bottle, address, envelope wrap, large round, and a candle.