Free Wedding Label Templates

Sweets in glass jar with wedding day written on it
Westend61 / Getty Images

These free wedding labels can be printed right from your home computer and then used to top your wedding favor boxes, adorn your envelopes, personalize a wine or water bottle, label a jar, or stuck to just about anything else you'd want to label.

It's easy to personalize these free wedding favors so you can add your custom details to them like the wedding date or the bride's and groom's names.

You can also use wedding favor tags in place of the labels or even printed out on label paper if you'd rather. You can even go wild and use both.

The wedding labels work best when printed on label paper and then you can quickly peel and stick them on just about anything. You can print them on cardstock or computer paper and then use tape or glue to adhere to them.

You can find other free wedding templates so you can create your place cards or menus. There are more wedding freebies available for everything from free catalogs to invitation samples, plus free address labels to use after you're married.

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