7 Free Printable Wedding Registry Checklists

Checklists to Make Sure You Register For Everything You Need

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A wedding registry checklist is essential to make sure that you register for everything you'll need for your new life after the honeymoon. Here is a list of my favorite checklists. There are several different options so you can choose the one that most fits your needs.

You can use wedding registry checklists in a couple of ways. You can use them to mark which items you'd like to register for, or you can check the items off after you've registered for them. You can always print two of them off, so you do both.

Before you are ready to head out, here are some general wedding registry tips as well as mistakes to avoid when you're registering.

When you're registering, be sure to bring this list of free wedding registry gifts with you. You can get tons of free gifts just for registering for certain items. You'll also want to check out these wedding freebies if you want to save money on your wedding.

Best Wedding Registry Checklists

Real Simple's Wedding Registry Checklist
Real Simple has an interactive wedding registry checklist that allows you to check the suggested items and then add them to your custom list. Categories on the registry checklist include bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and seasonal items. You also can add your items before printing. You'll need to have a free Real Simple online account to be able to edit, save, and print your wedding registry checklist.

The Knot's Free Wedding Registry Checklist
The Knot's free wedding registry checklist gives you a list of items many couples register for. You have the option of removing any of the suggestions on the list as well as changing the quantity. Decor, glassware, kitchen, bedding, seasonal, travel, dinnerware, home essentials, machines, bath-ware, and knives, and flatware are the gift options available. This wedding registry checklist cannot be saved so you'll need to print it as soon as you're finished.

Wedding Wire's Wedding Registry Checklist
Wedding Wire has one of the most detailed wedding registry checklists that includes items for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and more. This checklist will need to be printed first, and then you can check off the items by hand that you want to add to your registry.

Macy's Wedding Registry Checklist
There's another free wedding registry checklist over at Macy's where you can keep track of the items you'd like to register for and then use at Macy's or any other store. Print off the checklist and then check the items under dining, kitchen, bed, and bath, home decor, luggage, and cleaning that you'd like to add to your wedding registry.

Bed Bath & Beyond's Printable Wedding Registry Checklist
At Bed Bath & Beyond, you can check the items you'd like to register for before printing. Gifts suggested fall under the categories of Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Kitchen, Bedding, Bath, and Home and Travel.

Crate and Barrel's Wedding and Gift Registry
Crate and Barrel has a unique spin on a wedding registry checklist that starts out with a gift registry calculator. You'll answer a few simple questions about your wedding, engagement party, and bridal showers and they'll help you figure out how many items you should register for. The actual checklist is broken down into sections called Set the Table, Stock the Kitchen, and Furnishings. Each of those categories is further broken into subsections to make it easy to figure out what you'd like to add to your registry.

Making Manzanita's Ultime Wedding Registry Checklist
Here's a very practical wedding registry checklist that breaks it all down by rooms of the house and then a general house category that catches everything else. There are basic registry items on this checklist as well as a few unique ideas that I haven't seen elsewhere. With one click, you can download and print this free PDF wedding registry checklist.