It's Easy to Organize With These Printable Planners and Grocery Lists

Get organized and manage your time and resources with these free lists

Grocery list
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With how busy our lives have gotten, staying organized can become challenging. Between working, carpooling kids, helping with homework, and keeping the house running smoothly, many necessary activities can fall by the wayside or are executed somewhat inefficiently. You have to work hard to be organized and manage your time effectively—wouldn't it be great if there was something to make life a little easier? Well, there is! These fill-in-the-blank lists for everything from grocery shopping to...MORE cleaning will allow you to quickly organize and focus, staying on top of all your responsibilities while still spending time with your family.

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    Grocery Shopping List

    © Jennifer Wolf, 2006

    This list allows you to plan out your meals for the entire week and then categorize the groceries you need before you go to the store. No more stress about what to make for dinner at the end of the day, or realizing that you don't have a crucial ingredient for the dish you planned.

    Print multiple copies for the month to have on hand each week before your shopping trip. You will find that you spend less at the grocery store and will eat meals at home more often—great for your health and...MORE waistline, as well as the family dynamic.

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    Weekly Meal Planner

    Use this free weekly meal planner to decide what dinners you're going to make this week.
    Use this free weekly meal planner to decide what dinners you're going to make this week. © Jennifer Wolf, 2011

    If the previous list seems a bit overwhelming, this weekly meal planner addresses dinnertime in smaller bites. Decide what to make for dinner some or every day of the week, list the few ingredients you need for each meal, and then head to the store. This list will cut down on spontaneous take-out costs and make cooking dinner for the family less stressful.

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    Printable Weekly Planner

    Print your own free weekly planner.
    Print your own free weekly planner. © Jennifer Wolf, 2011

    Many of us use our phones to keep track of our calendar, but the week will go more smoothly if the whole family can see what is planned. This one-page-per-week planner allows you to record and display the family's activities from Monday through Sunday.

    Write this week's date at the top and use the weekly planner to record all of your scheduled events. Consider using different colors for each member of your family. For example, write your son's events in blue, your daughter's...MORE events in purple, and your events in red.

    If you are a digital family and would like to keep track online, there are plenty of online calendars to choose from that the whole family can use.

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    Printable To Do List

    Use this free to do list to plan ahead and make sure you get it all done.
    Use this free to do list to plan ahead and make sure you get it all done. © Jennifer Wolf, 2011

    Forget about the long "to-do" list that appears overwhelming and disorganized (and you're sure you forgot to put something on there). Track all of the things you need to get to this week by category, including phone calls, emails, errands, and more.

    There's also a space for menu planning—adding dinner ideas for each day of the week will help you plan ahead and save money on groceries.

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    Cleaning To Do List

    Use this printable cleaning to do list to tackle your household chores.
    Use this printable cleaning to do list to tackle your chores all at once or do them little by little throughout the week. © Jennifer Wolf, 2011

    Not many of us like to clean, but most of us find it satisfying to cross items off a to-do list! Streamline your cleaning tasks with this room-by-room chart. The basic tasks for each room have been filled in, with plenty of space for customizing what needs to be done.

    This list also makes it easy to divide and conquer, assigning a family member to each room. Great for keep track of your kids doing their chores! Do these household jobs as a family all at once, or tackle them little by little...MORE throughout the week.

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    Moving To Do List

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    Moving is one of the most stressful life events. But staying organized can help relieve some of that stress. This list helps you to organize all the things you need to do before the big move.

    The chart is divided into categories, from employment to kids/school, helping you to keep track of and take care of all those "non-packing" tasks that are easily forgotten.