19 French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

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    French Country Bathrooms: Both Rustic And Elegant

    Farmhouse bathrooms are rustic and welcoming but add a dash of French elegance, and you have a totally different vibe. French country bathrooms take you back to a simpler time of farm-fresh food, long evenings with wine and good friends, and, of course, lots of good cheese.

    The French country style is simple yet elegant: organic textures dominated by wood, with traditional fabric accents, natural stone flooring, and pastel colors. Small flower patterns also appear often.

    This cottage bathroom by Sunscape Homes is a perfect example of a French-style country bathroom. A freestanding tub, checkered curtains, pastel colors and lots of natural wood make this space a welcoming, relaxing space for a bath, a book, and a glass of red.

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    French Country Bathroom With Blue Floral Wallpaper

    wallpapered french country bathroom
    Sims Hilditch/DecorPad

    Distressed wood window frames, a cute pastel blue floral wallpaper, roman shades and a freestanding tub give all the French countryside atmosphere you will ever need in this bathroom by Sims Hilditch


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    Earthy French Country Bathroom

    Find yourself in a more earthy space by using neutrals, as in this bathroom by Higgins Architects. Wood window panes give this elegant bathroom a touch of countryside rusticity, along with a retro faucet to a copper freestanding tub. The flooring tile is full of beautiful imperfections, adding to the rustic style.

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    French Country Cottage Bathroom

    "Minimal rustic" is a good way to describe this gorgeous bathroom, by M. Elle Design, in soft white tones with silver accents. A cast iron freestanding tub is rustic yet elegant, and a wicker basket and soft fabrics soften up the look.

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    French Farmhouse Bathroom With Wall Decor

    An alcove tub framed by original wood beams and enhanced by beautiful metal wall art give this rustic bathroom by Slaughter Design Studio lots of rustic charm. The arrangement of curtains across the window allow for both privacy and lots of natural light.


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    Mediterranean Country Bathroom With Greek Key Mirrors

    The French countryside also includes beaches along the Mediterranean sea, and this bathroom by Hammersmith Atlanta definitely boasts a Greek influence with its plaster walls and frieze-topped mirrors. Wrought iron sconces complete this Mediterranean look.

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    Blue and White French Estate Bathroom

    This blue and white French estate bathroom by JMA Interior Decoration is a little more ostentatious than our other examples so far, but it shows a more luxurious style. The patterned wallpaper and curtains give a sense of harmony, and white furniture gives the eye a little rest. Note the wonderful patterned blue pouf that's perfect for drying off after a hot bath.

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    Modern Bathroom With French Country Inspiration

    Want to take the French countryside with you in your typical modern home or condo? This eclectic modern bathroom by The Polished Pebble uses rustic touches—a wooden table washstand, a basket filled with lavender--to bring French countryside materials and colors in. 

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    Soft Pink French Country Bathroom

    Few bathrooms can be described at "pretty," but this one definitely fits the bill. Soft pink, gray and white with brass accents make this beautiful French country bathroom by Charles Vincent George Architects a feminine (but not girly) space to relax and pamper yourself. With some DIY skills, you can refinish any retro desk into a beautiful vanity.

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    Definitely Rustic French Country Bathroom

    rustic blue and gray french country bathroom
    SDG Architecture/DecorPad

    Not every French country bathroom has an elegant ease. Sometimes, they're just full of rough rusticity, perfect for those who want that farmhouse look. This rustic bathroom by SDG Architecture has distressed wood everywhere: the walls, the washstands and the mirrors. A finished ceiling and large subway tile floor adds the necessary modern touch.

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    Traditional Bathroom With Subtle French Country Touches

    A clawfoot tub and pastel colors bring a subtle French country touch to this traditional bathroom by Anchor Builders. Some fresh flowers and a decorative mirror add wonderful finishing details. 

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    Modern French Country Bathroom With Fireplace

    fireplace in french country bathroom
    Elle Scrase/DecorPad

    It doesn't have to be rustic either. This modern interpretation of a French country bathroom by Elle Scrase (with a fireplace, if we should all be so lucky) includes floral touches, a freestanding tub, a rustic bench and an overall softness characteristic of the style.

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    French Country Bathroom With Brick Walls

    french country bathroom alcove with exposed brick
    Kitchen & Bath Cottage/Houzz

    Exposed brick walls bring a ton of warmth and character to this French country bathroom by Kitchen & Bath Cottage. An alcove tub, a large window, and a chandelier make this space feel like a secret but luxurious corner of the house where people hide to relax and forget about their troubles.

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    Rustic Wet-Room Style Bathroom

    stone and wood french country bathroom
    SDG Architecture/DecorPad

    A bench carved directly from a wood log sets the tone of this rustic French country bathroom by SDG Architecture. Natural stone veneers on the wall and distressed wood accents add character, and the wet-room style open shower saves cleaning trouble.

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    Bathroom With French-Style Vanity

    A beautiful French-style ornate vanity add French country vibes to this bathroom by KHB Interiors. Neutral, sandy shades, brass accents and lots of light keep the bathroom harmonious and spacious.

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    Country Bathroom With Farmhouse Sink and Checkered Floor

    Rough-hewn wood beams frame this farmhouse-inspired French country bathroom by Tiffany Farha Design. The large farmhouse sink is big enough for two, and the reclaimed wood vanity sets a dark but welcoming tone to the rest of the space.

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    Luxury French Country Master Bathroom

    Mediterranean colors dominate this luxurious master bathroom in the French country style by Godden Sudik Architects. A clawfoot tub, exposed stone walls and rustic vanities and cabinets bring you to the European countryside, without sacrificing any modern comforts.

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    French Country Bathroom With Salvaged Wood Vanity

    wood french country bathroom with three mirrors
    Paul Moon Design/DecorPad

    Bright, medium-shade wood keeps this French country bathroom by Paul Moon Design open and spacious. A reclaimed wood vanity brings a touch of rustic, while a modern marble countertop ensures the space looks both luxurious and functional.

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    Spacious French Country Bathroom

    Fill out a spacious bathroom with a glass cabinet and an island for practical yet rustic storage, as in this French country bathroom by Sims Hilditch. The soft colors, freestanding tub and curtains fit right into the French country style.