15 French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

Blue provencal bathroom concept

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French country style is a timeless aesthetic that is easy to emulate wherever you live thanks to the popularity and availability of all things French. These dreamy French country-inspired bathrooms are as beautiful as they are functional, with architectural flourishes, vintage accessories, and natural materials that add a dose of sophisticated rustic charm to the most utilitarian room in the house.

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    French Country Bathroom Style

    French country style bathroom with double sinks.
    French Country Cottage

    This French country-inspired California bathroom from Courtney at French Country Cottage has contemporary round double sinks mounted on an antique style turn legged wooden table, providing modern comforts with a dose of old world style. A French-style painted mirror and sconces finish the classic look and prove that you can bring a hint of the French countryside of your dreams to any space.

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    French Country Shower Room

    French country style shower room.
    French Country Cottage

    You don't need a freestanding bath tub to create an elegant French country fantasy feel like this California shower room from Courtney at French Country Cottage. A sparkly chandelier, a gilded French mirror, and sconces are matched in tone by brass shower and tap hardware. An antique style wooden table holds crisp spare towels. New tiling and bright white paint keep the room fresh and modern with a French country spirit.

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    Copper Bathtub

    Copper bathtub in French country style room
    yann maignan / Unsplash

    If you've got the budget and the space, there is nothing more dreamy than a copper bathtub. The copper tub in this French bathroom takes pride of place in an airy room, with rust-colored French tomette hexagonal tiles on the floor, a classic black French fireplace and an upholstered gold velvet chair for a touch of luxury. Sage green matte paint on the walls creates a serenely contrasting backdrop to highlight the showstopping tub.

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    Mid-Century Vibes

    French country style bathroom
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    This modern farmhouse bathroom by interior designers Tara Mangini and Percy Bright at Jersey Ice Cream Co. is located in the U.S., but the repurposing of a mid-century console into a vanity for the sink is exactly the kind of move you'd see in a French country bathroom, where part of the art of living with centuries worth of design history is mixing vintage, antique, and modern elements to create a look that feels assembled over time. This is also the kind of design idea you can copy anywhere with the plethora of mid-century furniture available online.

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    Romantic Bathtub

    French country bathroom.
    French Country Cottage

    An elegant clawfoot bathtub with antique-style hardware, an antique wood mirror with a weathered patina, a pretty sconce, and chandelier and a small rustic ladder nearby to hold towels and candles make this French country fantasy bathroom from Courtney at French Country Cottage the perfect spot to relax and pretend there's a lavender field outside your window.

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    Hardwood Floors and a Showstopping Chandelier

    French country style bathroom
    Compassionate Eye Foundation / Getty Images

    In this roomy French country style bathroom, a bay window is covered with gauzy privacy curtains on the bottom half, leaving the tops of the windows open for gazing at the leafy trees outside from the vintage freestanding bathtub. An oversize chandelier adds a decidedly French touch and an elegant dose of style to the otherwise spare decor. Hardwood floors keep the bathroom integrated with the other rooms in the house.

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    Vintage Mirror

    French country style bathroom
    Hotel Henriette

    In this modern bathroom at Hotel Henriette in Paris, which is decorated in the spirit of a country house in the middle of France's capital city, a vintage-style contemporary sink vanity and shower covered in clean white tiles is complemented with retro style taps and shower head. A vintage French barber's mirror is as practical as it is charming and adds to the timeless French country vibe. 

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    Timeless Simplicity

    French country style bathroom
    Eric Audras / Getty Images

    A vintage bathtub, a low wooden farm stool covered with candles, creamy paint on the wall, a simple natural rug, and an antique chandelier create a simple French country feel in this timeless bathroom that would work anywhere.

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    Shabby Chic

    French country style bathroom
    Daly and Newton / Getty Images

    Herringbone wood floors, a slipcovered armchair, painted framed vintage mirrors, a vintage vanity, and lamps with traditional lampshades create a decidedly shabby chic take on this all-white country style bathroom which would look just as at home in the English or French countryside and can easily be recreated anywhere else.

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    Natural Stone

    Modern French country style bathroom
    Martin Barraud / Getty Images

    The focal point of this updated French country bathroom is a stunning original stone wall, juxtaposed with a spacious modern glass shower and natural stone floor. Fresh white paint on the walls and slanted ceiling highlights the architecture of the room, a contemporary free-standing bathtub, and drapes on the windows add a homey, classic touch.

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    Repurposed Wooden Sideboard

    French country style bathroom
    Daly and Newton / Getty Images

    Herringbone wood floors, simple painted vintage sconces with lampshades to soften the light and a painted vintage country-style hutch to hold bathroom sundries next to a freestanding tub with contemporary lines create a fresh, easy take on a French country style bathroom that will stand the test of time.

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    Blue Provencal

    Blue provencal bathroom concept
    Peter_visual / Getty Images

    In this updated take on a traditional Provencal bathroom, a modern freestanding tub, a classically elegant black and cream diamond patterned tile floor, a modern chandelier, blue-gray paint, and a contemporary glass shower create a livable space with an elegant French country vibe that's easily recreated with modern fixtures and accessories based on classic styles.

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    Renovated French Barn

    Renovated 17th century French barn bathroom
    Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

    The bathroom in this dreamy 17th century French barn renovation has original oak rafters, gorgeous pebbled floors and an almost primitive looking vanity for the simple sink. It's hard to recreate this kind of centuries-old architecture but you can use it as inspiration for using simple, natural, noble materials that stand the test of time, one of the enduring lessons of French farmhouse style.

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    Shades of White

    French country style bathroom
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    This serene bathroom in shades of cream and white uses a painted vintage cabinet to house the double sinks and provide storage. A delicate crystal chandelier adds a touch of charm and bathroom supplies stored in glass jars with metal tops summon an apothecary vibe. Vintage style taps on the sinks and freestanding tub create a timeless look that would be perfectly at home in the French countryside.

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    A French Country Touch

    Modern bathroom with French country accents
    hikesterson / Getty Images

    Not every bathroom has the bones to look like it's straight out of the French countryside. But this modern bathroom with its oversized shower and giant vanity features a nod to another era and style with an updated version of a freestanding tub and a French framed mirror on the wall that catches the eye and adds a French country note of history to the space.