Ideas for French Country-Style Bedroom Decor

French country shabby bedroom

Faded Charm

French country style blends a tiny hint of ornate decor from old-world France with the more rustic hues and relaxed textures inspired by the countryside of Provence. A French country bedroom is an oasis that has an overall muted gentleness about the space. It's both casual and elegant, achieved with an eclectic mix of furniture that looks like each piece was passed down from generation to generation. The space can be feminine without being cloying, and typically filled with a soft, but cheerful palette of colors in contrast with the brighter hues reserved for living rooms and dining rooms. A French country bedroom is filled with elements that will envelop you in a cocoon of refined luxury. 

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    Traditional Colors

    French country style bedroom
    Tucker & Marks Design

    The French country palette for a bedroom would include a mix of pale pastel hues and creamy whites with accents in vibrant colors found in nature. Colors can be combined in unexpected ways, but they're never harsh or too bright. A bedroom designed by Tucker & Marks has a muted palette that's anything but drab. Iconic French country patterns of gingham checks and florals in pale yellows and greens are softened even more by creamy white bedding, furniture, and carpeting. 

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    Vintage Touches

    Serene French country bedroom

    Layered pillows of various sizes in a range of textures is a hallmark of a French country bedroom. The subdued palette in this bedroom keeps it serene. A wicker headboard and the weathered ceiling treatment adds even more texture in the room. Vintage ornate mirrors above the bed and statuesque lamp bases are common details that create a more formal version of French decor. 

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    A Dramatic Canopy

    French country bedroom with canopy bed
    Cabell Design Studio

    Elaborate canopies can be found in upscale French country bedrooms. The style of this canopy, called a bed crown coronet, adds a touch of regal elegance in this French country bedroom designed Cabell Design Studio. You'll rarely find matching pieces in French country decor. Mismatched pieces, such as the distressed dressing screen, antique chair, bed, and bed bench look like they've been passed down and accumulated over the years. 

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    Minimalist French Country

    Elegant French country bedroom
    Simon Brow

    In this rare minimalist French country bedroom, the vintage headboard becomes the focus of the room. An eclectic touch is added to this understated room in the form of a personal and romantic poem that's stenciled in gold above the headboard. Touches of pure elegance make this room luxurious, including a duvet, crystal chandelier, and ornate crown molding.

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    Saturated Colors

    Beautiful French country bedroom
    Ashbourne Designs

    This bedroom combines traditional French country colors such as blue and peach but in more saturated tones. Designed by Ashbourne Designs, the quintessential French country bedroom mixes patterns, an ornate tufted headboard, vintage chandelier, and layered bedding. The elements come together to create a comfortable, yet luxurious bedroom.  

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    Touches of Toile

    Colorful French country bedroom
    Opulent Cottage

    French country decor is known for its fearless mix of intricate patterns. Toile, a classic patterned cotton fabric, became popular in France in the 1760s. It traditionally features finely detailed scenes of the bucolic French countryside involving people and animals. Classic toile color combinations include red and cream or blue and cream. Modern versions of toile are available in various colors and versions of scenery. Toile also combines well with stripes, gingham checks, and chinoiserie.

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    Monochromatic French Country

    French country bedroom today
    Thistlewood Farms

    This bedroom has subtle hints of French country style, minus the mix of patterns and color. Traditional touches still include layered and textured bedding, a rustic wood ceiling, the wrought iron and crystal chandelier, a tufted leather bench, and a vintage mirror above the upholstered headboard. A unifying creamy white palette gives the room an extraordinarily restful look.

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    Red-And-White Toile

    Red and white French country bedroom
    Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

    Red-and-white toile fabric is the star of this bedroom that's otherwise a cool white. Cotton toile draperies that pool on the floor give a casual touch to the bedroom. A rustic ceiling with beams and a ubiquitous crystal chandelier also give the room it's French flair. Curvaceous console and side tables soften the room, as well.

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    Old-World Elegance

    French farmhouse in Luberon
    Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

    The ornate carved wooden headboard and a vintage side chair give this bedroom its subtle, but elegant, French country charm. A bit more on the eclectic side, the decor of the room mixes in some modern touches like the white side lamp, leopard-print pillow, and fun play on artwork above the headboard. 

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    Layered Bedding

    Bed in a French country bedroom
    JLL Design / Gilded Mint

    Cozy, layered, and textured are words that define how a French country bed is typically dressed. The bedding is mostly white, though it includes several shades, and it's topped by a variety of accent pillows with mix-and-match patterns. A layer of bedding with a French country motif of toile, paisley, or floral, usually tops the bed. In this enchanting French country bedroom designed by JLL Design, a combination of muted floral accent pillows, including neck rolls, top the bed. The weathered wicker headboard, plus the vintage bedside table and sunburst mirror above the bed, complete the sunny and eclectic French country bedroom.

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