French Country Bedroom Furniture and Bedding Ideas

In French Country bedrooms, you’ll find vintage bedroom sets and headboards like this replica of a Sophia Bed from The Bella Cottage. Besides Sophia beds, other traditional or antique-inspired bedroom sets can be found; such as sleigh, Victorian, Rod Iron, and canopy beds. These bedroom sets are often found at antique shops or specialized furniture manufacturers; but these outlets can be pricey, so another way to find great headboards or vintage bedroom sets are at local flea markets or thrift stores. You’ll never know what you’ll find if your patient and persistent!

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    Bedroom Sets and Headboards

    King Sophia Bed.
    King Sophia Bed from The Bella Cottage. Photo Courtesy of The Bella Cottage.
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    Armoires, Chests, and Dressers

    Vintage Armoire
    Vintage Armoire available at The Bella Cottage. Photo Courtesy of The Bella Cottage.

    Vintage wardrobes and armoires are another great addition to your French Country Bedroom, such as this wardrobe from The Bella Cottage. Besides purchasing vintage wardrobes or dressers you can also apply a decorative paint technique called crackling to pieces of furniture to create your own vintage-inspired pieces. Other furniture options are mirrored chests, vanities, desks, or writing armoires that can be purchased through furniture manufacturers or found at local flea markets and antique shows.

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    Chairs, Sofas, and Benches

    French Country Bedroom
    French Country Bedroom Designed by Zuniga Interiors. Photo Courtesy of Zuniga Interiors.

    Another furniture option besides wardrobes, dressers, or armoires are charming vintage chairs, sofas, or benches. These gems can be placed near your bed for a cozy reading nook or placed at the end of your bed for an additional dressing space. You can purchase these great vintage chairs, as seen in this lovely French Country bedroom designed by Zuniga Interiors, at any local and online manufacturer or you can salvage one at a flea market.

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    Bedding and Accent Pillows

    French Country Bedroom.
    French Country Bedroom Designed by Home & Harmony. Photo Courtesy of Home & Harmony.

    The key component in completing your French Country bedroom design is the perfect comforter, duvet, or bedding set. Most French Country bedrooms use a white quilt, comforter, or linens decorated with splashes of color found in floral, burlap, or grain sack pillows. Another idea is to purchase a French Country inspired comforter set, which can be found at most home design stores such as Niemen Marcus or Pottery Barn. If you want something more traditional, another bedding alternative is to use a quilt with different toile, floral, or Sophia inspired patterns.

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    Screens, Mirrors, and Other Architectural Elements

    Vintage Screen
    Vintage Screen From The Bella Cottage. Photo Courtesy of The Bella Cottage.

    Don’t forget about other great decorative pieces to add to your French Country Bedroom. These attractive architectural elements can be a dressing screen, antique mirrors, worn wooden doors, vintage fireplace screens, and crackled window frames. These items can be purchased, like this lovely vintage screen from The Bella Cottage, or you can find them at flea markets, antique, and thrift stores. Another option is to buy or salvage cottage type wooden doors, windows, or mirrors and recreate this aged look by adding a weathered or crackled paint technique.

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    Antiques and Other Accessories

    French Country Style Bedroom
    French Country Style Bedroom Designed by Romantic Home. Photo Courtesy of Romantic Home.

    Finally, the fun part of decorating a traditional or contemporary French Country style bedroom is adding the trinkets, accessories, and other effects. These can be antique plates, platters, pitchers, or a birdcage as seen in this charming French Country bedroom designed by Romantic Home. These trinkets can range from beautiful pieces of artwork, antique picture frames, perfume bottles, old books, photos, family heirlooms, or anything in-between. Since this is where you can create an original bedroom, which you can call your own, have fun adding these decorative pieces; but be selective and know when to stop because sometimes too much of a good thing is not good!