16 French Door Curtain Ideas That Will Shine in Your Space

french door curtains

Amy Bartlam for Kate Lester

French doors are a beautiful architectural addition to any home. Sometimes, though, you may wish to cover their glass windows for maximal privacy and to block sunlight during harsh hours. It turns out that there are many directions in which you can go when choosing french door curtains, and we're sharing a few of our favorite options below.

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    A Classic Choice

    french doors

    @madisonsubry / Instagram

    Feeling like something classic? Long beige panels adorn the french doors in this transitional style living room.

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    Soft Tones

    french doors


    "Make sure to mount the rod well above the window," notes Haley Weidenbaum, founder of window treatment retailer Everhem. "Go at least halfway between the top of the french doors and ceiling, but if you have tall windows, it's even better to go three quarters of the way between the top of the french doors and ceiling," she advises. Soft tan curtains by Everhem play to the natural tones present in this living space.

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    Elegant Accent

    french doors in dining room

    Julian Design

    Billie Marie Tharaldson of Julian Design offers a pointer when it comes to curtain installation. "Extend the rod past on the wall to keep the excess fabric off the operating french doors," she advises. "In this case, adding drapery to the door allowed for dining without the glare of the sun and added softness and elegance to polish off the room."

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    Gray Camouflage

    french doors

    Jane Beiles for Design Lines Signature

    These soft gray curtains practically blend right in with the wall color—function and subtly at its finest.

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    Crisp White

    french door curtains


    Not sure what curtain color to pick? You can always look toward your walls. These white Everhem drapes play to this bedroom's soothing design scheme.

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    Coastal Shades

    french doors

    Jordan Reece for Nicole Manganello

    For a coastal environment, woven blinds serve as a viable alternative to heavier curtains. These can easily be rolled up high to allow maximum sunlight into this airy room.

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    Pattern Play

    french door curtains

    Werner Straube for Drake Interiors

    Love pattern mixing? Have some fun introducing a new print into your space in curtain form. This checkered design is cheerful and charming and adds a dose of whimsy to this already colorful living space.

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    Artful Embellishments

    french doors

    Chris Bradley Photography for M. Lavender Interiors

    The curtain rods on these dining room french doors are a work of art on their own. Choosing embellishments like these is one way to make a room feel more sophisticated.

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    Creamy and Chic

    french doors


    Here, offwhite Everhem curtains blend seamlessly with this classic living room design. This "ripple fold" look is a designer favorite. "Whether it’s sheer or solid, this style is very streamlined which complements modern homes, and adds a wonderful textural element," designer Stephanie Brown says.

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    Breezy Bliss

    french doors

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    Breezy white curtains add a laid back touch to this California cool abode. For french door curtains, I definitely recommend working with someone who specializes in drapery—I always do," designer Sarah Stacey advises. "That way, they can take measurements and make the drapes or shades for you. If you don't have that in your budget then you could go semi custom."

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    A Bit of Contrast

    french door curtains

    Nathan Shroder Photography for Roz Murphy Design

    "A trick I live by is: When in doubt, go with fabric that is a little darker than your wall color," Stacey adds. We see this concept exemplified in the above space by Roz Murphy Design.

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    Blue and Green Beauty

    french doors

    Michael Hunter Photography for Kim Armstrong

    Patterns are at play once again in this serene blue and green family room. The blue and white curtains covering the french door blend in with this color scheme perfectly.

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    Gorgeous Greige

    french doors

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    In this primary bedroom, the french door curtains feature griege tones that match the area rug in the space, tying the room together.

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    Long and Luxe

    french doors

    LifeCreated for Living with Lolo

    Curtains can be customized to fit ultra tall windows, too! These cover the french doors and the expansive window above them, allowing for maximum privacy when desired. "The best window treatments for French doors should have a slim construction," notes Alton Tucker of Stoneside Blinds and Shades. "Keep in mind that a sizable valance, headrail, or fascia at the top of the door is likely to hit the wall when you open and close the door."

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    Wall to Wall

    french doors

    Amy Bartlam for Kate Lester

    These french doors span an entire living room wall, providing maximal coverage when needed. In addition to evaluating width, though, you'll want to keep curtain length top of mind. "I always like my drapery to just barely sit above the floor," Stacey notes. "I measure a few inches below the ceiling to about a quarter inch above the floor. That way the window/door is elongated."

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    Pop of Cheer

    french doors

    Amy Bartlam for Kate Lester

    Patterned curtains like these are extra sweet in a game room and keep the space feeling lighthearted.