17 Gender-Neutral Color Schemes for Baby's Nursery

Don't Know the Sex of Your Baby? Go Gender Neutral on the Nursery

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    Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

    Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes
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    Waiting for a delivery room surprise? Not sure if you're having a Gabriel or Gabriella? A Jesse or a Jessica? Beige is not your only decorating option. Be ready for whatever the stork may bring with these fresh and fashionable color ideas for gender-neutral nurseries.

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    Gray and Aqua

    Gray and aqua are cool neutrals like white and gray. Gray and aqua can give a room contemporary appeal, especially when paired with a bright and trendy accent color.

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    Grey and Yellow

    Silver and gray neutrals can be punctuated with a beautiful, bold chevron pattern with pops of soft yellow. 

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    Grey, Aqua, and Coral

    A patterned accent wall packs a dramatic design punch in this neutral gray nursery. If you want to add some pizazz to your nursery, think about some creative nursery wall ideas.

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    Aqua and Coral

    Are you craving a color statement? Try replacing a traditional neutral base with versatile aqua—a sweet and serene color that looks amazing when paired with warm accent colors like red, orange, and yellow. 

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    Aqua and Yellow

    Calming aqua and sunny yellow pair nicely. The combination yields a bright, modern nursery

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    Orange, Aqua, and Teal

    Orange, Aqua, and Teal
    Erin Sanders Design.

    Bold colors and a rich variety of well-coordinated patterns make this gender-neutral nursery an absolute showstopper. 

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    Tangerine and Teal

    Who said a gender-neutral nursery can't be colorful? Certainly not Tori Spelling, who designed a gorgeous, color-saturated nursery using two bold and beautiful shades: tangerine and teal.

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    Navy, Gray, and Yellow

    Rich navy and sunny yellow accents make for a sweet and preppy palette with lots of pop. Choose light neutrals, like gray or white, to balance this strong color pairing. 

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    Navy and Mint Green

    Navy and mint is the latest color combo in gender-neutral design, which gives the traditional blue and green palette a stylish, new edge.

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    Navy and Coral

    This neutral cream and white nursery boasts a sophisticated accent combo of navy blue and coral, elegantly enhanced with a chic touch of gold

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    Mint Green and Orange

    cool mint hue with warm accents contrasts sharply with a traditionally masculine orange to create a delightful, gender-neutral palette. 

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    Mint Green and Turquoise

    Texture and pattern can play a starring role in a neutral nursery that features an invigorating mint green and turquoise palette. 

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    Red, White, and Turquoise

    A fresh and frosty palette offers a modern, gender-neutral take on a traditional "blue and red boy's room."

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    Red and Gray

    A circus-themed nursery room can pair a gender-neutral theme with a chic set of gender-neutral colors. A smoky shade of gray lends sophistication while bright red and white accents add a touch of under-the-big-top flair.

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    Black and White

    A high-contrast color profile and a bold mix of geometric patterns keeps a black and white, Nordic-inspired space looking fresh and modern. Add a single accent piece in a bold shade, like yellow or red, to make a dramatic statement.

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    Rainbow Bright

    A gender-neutral space with a rainbow of bright, primary colors against a crisp white backdrop is a sweet and refreshing look that's perfect for either gender. 

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    Can't Decide?

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    Not sure what color is best for your baby? Let science decide. Learn how the color of your nursery can affect your little one's health and happiness with a crash course on color psychology