12 Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

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    Versatile Color Combos that Really Pop!

    Stylish scandinavian newborn baby room with toys, teddy bear, cotton lamps and star
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    Whether you’re expecting a delivery room surprise or hoping to create a versatile space for babies yet to come, a flexible color scheme is a must. That said, choosing a gender-neutral palette can be a tricky proposition, especially for those of us with a love of color.  

    Neutrals not your thing? Don't worry. “Gender neutral” and “bold and colorful” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Try making a dramatic statement with bold accents set against a neutral background, or go full Technicolor with a bright, gender-neutral paring. You can even add drama to a neutral space with a moody, muted hue like dark green or navy.

    Need a little inspiration? We've got you covered! Be ready for whatever the stork may bring with these sensible yet swoon-worthy color ideas for gender-neutral nurseries.

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    Black, White and Bold

    Offering plenty of visual stimulation without need of color, black and white nurseries are an excellent choice for a gender-neutral space. Want to add a little more drama? Try introducing a single, gender-neutral accent hue such as green or yellow.

    This stunning, Nordic-inspired space, featured on Nothing Down About It, boats an eye-catching mix of graphic and geometric pattern, punctuated by bold Kelly Green accents. 

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    Teal Power

    Craving some color? Combing bold energy with the calming powers of blue, teal is a gender-neutral wonder hue!

    In this soothing nursery space from Style Me Pretty, a splash of bright and cheery teal set against light neutrals and natural textures is more than enough to quench a color-thirst without overpowering the space.

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    Earthy Orange

    A rich and earthy terracotta orange anchors this bright, gender-neutral space featured on My Breezy Room, pairing nicely with natural wood accents and clean white furnishings to create a desert-inspired Boho look.

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    Mint and Navy

    Think pastels are just for girls? Think again! This shared nursery space from Lay Baby Lay pairs a fresh, minty green with rich navy accents, striking a perfect gender-neutral balance.

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    Aqua and Yellow

    Looking for a fresh take on a gender-neutral favorite? This bright and modern nursery, spotted on Me and Wee, pairs bold, citrus-yellow accents with a cool and calming shade of aqua, creating a balanced look that’s sunny without being overly bright.

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    Grey, Aqua, and Coral

    Bold coral and fresh aqua pack a one-two punch in this gorgeous baby room featured on Project Nursery. The energetic color combo, brought to life by a dramatic patterned accent wall, pairs beautifully with the room’s neutral grey walls, creating a cheery palette with gender-neutral appeal. 

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    Red, White, and Blue

    Paired with clean white furniture and set against bold red accents, this frosty aqua nursery, featured on M is for Mama, offers a stylish, gender-neutral take on the traditional blue and red boy's room.

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    Gold and Grey

    This beautiful gender-neutral nursery by Jillian Harris punctuates an all-white space with subtle silver-grey dotted wallpaper and rich mustard-gold accessories, giving the room a modern, sophisticated feel. 

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    Neutral Navy

    A bold accent wall in a neutral, grey-washed navy adds weight to this simple gender-neutral nursery spotted on Instagram, anchoring focus through colorful contrast.

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    Soothing Sage

    Searching for a soothing hue? Try a pale moss or a muted sage. Rich and versatile, these soft greens go with everything, offering a more colorful alternative to grey or greige.

    Calming sage walls and rich greenery give this sun-drenched gender-neutral nursery space from DIY in PDX an earthy, Boho vibe.

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    Hunter Green

    A deep shade of green makes a colorful statement in this simple, Boho-inspired nursery seen on Instagram. The hand-woven Aztec rug offers the perfect counterweight, balancing the bold accent wall with its dramatic black and white pattern.

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    Rainbow Bright:

    Bright, primary-colored accessories set against a crisp white backdrop offer another refreshing, color-drenched alternative to the all-neutral nursery, resulting in a space that's perfect for either gender and easy to update as your little one matures.

    Inspired by a dreamy South African babymoon, this bold and colorful twin nursery­ from Style Me Pretty introduces a rainbow of stunning color without using so much as a drop of paint.