Where to Buy Fresh Oysters Online

Do you love the almost magical flavor of fresh oysters?  That amazing mineral-tinged and salty flavor of the ocean?  Looking for the best fresh live oysters you can have delivered?  Here is a handful of great reliable companies I recommend for getting your oysters shipped directly to your home.  

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    Where to Buy Oysters
    Catalina Offshore.

    Sol Azul organic oysters (Crassostrea gigas) are produced in the country’s most pristine waters on the Pacific coast: the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno along the Baja Peninsula. As the largest wildlife reserve in Mexico, the internationally-recognized area is home to thousands of endemic species of plants and animal life found nowhere else in the world. It is also a prime reproduction location for the North Pacific gray whale.

    As a result of being “four seasons” oysters – something that is...MORE unique to Mexico – Sol Azuls provide a uniform composition, texture and taste. Their appealing outer shell is very clean and regular in shape, which lends to easy opening, while their pearlescent interior is smooth and free of sand and grit. Sol Azul oysters boast a firm and plump meat with full flavor. The high salinity of these Baja beauties pairs wonderfully with citrus and/or heat-based spices.


    Sol Azul oysters are a sustainable seafood choice. They feed exclusively on the abundant natural phytoplankton present in the water, avoiding the need for any artificial feeds or chemical products. Further, the techniques and facilities for shellfish aquaculture employed by Sol Azul are of very low impact to the environment and actually contribute to the holistic development of the surrounding region


    Catalina is a San Diego wholesale seafood company that is now selling directly to the public. Great prices. Huge selection. Sushi grade fish, shellfish, and roe. Fresh sea urchin! Live California lobster, live abalone, stone crab, scallops, shrimp. Large selection of fish. Subscribe to their newsletter for 5% off and monthly specials.

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    Oysters by Mail Order
    Blue Point Oysters. Nick Dawson

    Blue Point Oysters (Long Island), Naked Cowboy Oysters (Long Island), Kumamoto (Northern California), Kusshi (British Columbia)

    Vital Choice has an amazing selection of frozen and canned seafood from Alaska and the Northwest Pacific. Don't be fooled by the generic looking labels on their products. You will find some of the best seafood here money can buy and they have an outstanding mail order system. The owners and executive staff have decades of experience as professional fishermen. A very...MORE enticing fact about their products is that the selection of seafood is sustainable and most of their fisheries used are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or the State of Alaska. Vital Choice seafood is flash frozen at sea and shipped on dry ice to your home. The quality is most excellent and the prices fair.

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    Giovanni's Fish Market.

    Blue Point Oysters (Long Island), Fanny Bay (Canada Pacific), Grassy Bar (California), Hood Canal (Washington), 

    Kumamoto (California)

    This 25-year-old California company has over 1,000 varieties of seafood including crab and lobster, caviar, sashimi grade tunas, over 12 varieties of live oysters, tons of fish and lots more. Family owned and operated.

    Use this private coupon code for 20% off your order: SEAFOOD20

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    Where to Buy Oysters
    Rappahannock Oyster Co.

     Rappahannock River Oysters are deep cupped and mineral rich, with an understated saltiness that lets the oyster's natural flavor come though. Rappahannocks offer up a sweet, buttery, full-bodied taste with a refreshingly clean, crisp finish. This company has grown them since 1899. $25/25 oysters

    Stingray Oysters are drawn from Chesapeake Bay's median salt range, Stingrays are the quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster: sweet and mildly briny with a clean, crisp finish. Named after the Bay...MORE oyster's chief predator, the Stingray.  $25/25 oysters

    Olde Salt Oysters have the truest taste of the ocean, The Olde Salt oyster brings together a bold sea-side brininess with a smooth, clean follow-through. Grown off the coast of Chincoteague (think Misty). $25/25 oysters


    In business since 1899, this Virginia company is bringing back Chesapeake Bay oysters.  Owned and operated by cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton, recipients of the 2005  Food & Wine magazine “Tastemaker's Award,” given each year to top young talents who've changed the world of food and wine by age 35.

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    Where to Buy Oysters
    Island Creek Oysters.

    Island Creek Oysters, a farm founded in 1992 in nearby Duxbury, Mass. grow wonderfully delicious oysters in a saltwater river.  Moon Shoal oysters are clean and oceany with a sweet melon finish. Wellfleet Oysters, while still salty, are a bit more mild than some of other oysters. They have both strong umami and vegetal qualities with a well-defined adductor muscle and a nice texture.

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    Where to Buy Oysters
    The Crab Place.

    Oysters in the shell $19.99/dozen


    This Maryland company has been providing fresh seafood to its mail-order customers since 1997. Greg and Matt Cain sell fresh Maryland seafood caught daily by local watermen. Their unique packing and delivery process keeps their crabs fresh, and their customers satisfied. In season, you can find a fantastic assortment of live Maryland crab (hard or soft). In the off-season, order them steamed or frozen. Other treats include Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster,...MORE Louisiana crawfish, oysters and an assortment of prepared foods like crab cakes, breaded shrimp and clams, calamari, soups and sauces.