The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Home Is on Airbnb and We Want to Book ASAP

Yes, there are a few catches, but this could be a highlight of 2020

front view of fresh prince of bel-air house


Whether you are a ‘90s sitcom lover or just looking for a nostalgic place to visit, you don’t want to miss your chance to stay at the famous Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles. Full of Banks and Smith family memories, doorstep tosses, and countless kitchen disasters, this home represents a show that swept the nation 30 years ago. 

Show star and A-list actor, Will Smith, has become an Airbnb host and has listed a wing of the posh house for only $30 per night. As the listing says from Smith himself:

“While I won’t be there during your stay, you’ll be welcomed (virtually) to the mansion by DJ Jazzy Jeff, and my socially distanced mansion concierge will greet you upon arrival and give you the lay of the land.”

Each one-night stay—open to groups of up to two guests who will have access to Will's wing of the house—will take place on October 2, October 5, October 8, October 11, and October 14. 

You read that right: Only five opportunities to stay.

The Show

In case this hilarious family sitcom wasn’t on your radar, let us give you a glimpse into this groundbreaking show. Will, a streetwise, poor young man from West Philadelphia, is sent by his mother to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousins in their Bel-Air mansion (cue intro song). The adventures that ensue with fellow family members, square Carlton, sweet Ashley, snooty Hilary, strict Uncle Phil, matriarch Aunt Viv, the butler Jeffrey, and Will's buddy Jazz, are sure to keep you laughing for hours.  

About the Visit

The house was decorated with plush fabrics, soft neutrals, grand pianos, and pricey sculptures. Each room represented the opulence expected in this Bel Air neighborhood. And while you may not be able to explore the entire home, get ready to live in the lap of luxury, even if it’s just for one night.

Will Smith's bedroom from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

During their stay, guests will have access to one specific wing of the house where Will Smith’s character stayed during the show’s run, and it reeks of the 1990s in all the right ways. The bedroom guests can expect a stay includes a wall-mounted mini-basketball hoop, bold graffiti art, posh interiors, timeless family portraits, and, all meals included and served on silver platters.  

meals on silver platters at fresh prince house

The Requirements

Fresh Prince pool

Set your phone reminders for September 29 (when reservations begin) for your chance to be one of five lucky groups of two selected to stay in the leading character's wing of the house for one night each. Guests will need to prove they are Los Angeles County residents, and that they live together. In return, they're guaranteed that the house and king-sized bed will be cleaned according to CDC guidelines, and they may even get to relax by the pool.