22 Fresh Pink Nurseries Ideas

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    The New Girly Chic

    Tickled pink with your soon-to-be baby girl? You’re not alone. Once thought old-fashioned, this classic color choice is coming back in a fresh wave of “girlie chic” that’s as popular with moms as it is with kindergarteners.

    The word “girly” tends to conjure images of ribbons and bows, but while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with all the traditional trappings, it’s not the only way to go.

    From simple, contemporary nurseries in blushing pinks to bold spaces in bright corals, “girlie” now runs a gamut of styles, making it easy to design a nursery that will stand the test of time.

    Have your heart set on a traditional pink and white nursery? No problem! You can still create a look that lasts. Try a fresh take on florals with a dramatic print, or go glam with lux textiles and metallic accents. It’s girlie—all grown up. 

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    Muted Tones

    This soft and simple nursery room featured by Lincoln Barbour proves that a little bit of color can go a long way.

    A subtle shade of pink brings a rosy blush to the space, creating feminine appeal without being overly precious. It’s a look that will last, taking your daughter from her nursery days well into teen territory. 

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    Hot Pink and Teal

    Hot pink meets shades of teal and aqua in this fun, mermaid-inspired nursery room designed by Anna of Everyday Miracles. This unusual pairing offers a modern twist on the pastel pink and blue nursery, punching up the palette with bold new shades.

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    Pink Palace

    With its crystal chandelier, pink satin furnishings, and rich fur rug, this palatial nursery by Little Crown Interiors is just waiting to be ruled by its own pint-sized princess. The piece de resistance? Renaissance print wallpaper in a chic metallic gold. So glam!

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    Coral in Bloom

    Looking for a shade of pink with real pizazz? Try coral!

    With its bold floral mural and sunny coral walls, this bright and cheery nursery space, designed by Hannah of Morning Light, gives the traditional pink and white nursery palette an energetic boost.

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    Pink Peaks

    Painted peaks in a sunset-inspired coral bring life and energy to this playful nursery space designed by Charlotte Love Interiors, offering the perfect balance of bold color and neutral space.

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    Pink, Black, and Boho

    Think black doesn’t belong in the nursery? Think again.

    With its moody black and pink floral accent wall and muted rose bed canopy, this beautiful Boho space, spotted on The Scarlet Door, simply drips with drama. It’s a positively dreamy look that your little one will love for years to come.

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    Powerful Pop

    An unexpected pop of hot pink paint brings a fun and modern energy to this eclectic nursery space featured on One Kings Lane. It's a fun way to introduce a dramatic color to your design without overpowering your space. 

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    Pink Up

    A peachy-pink ceiling casts a warm glow over this soft white nursery space spotted on 100-Layer Cake-let. The understated pink tone is just strong enough to tease out the room’s muted pastel accents, giving the space a dreamy, water-colored look. Gorgeous!

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    Tropical Glam

    Citrusy shades of pink, green, and orange come together in this lush, tropical-themed girl's room spotted on My Domaine, offering a one-of-a-kind take on the traditional pink floral nursery.

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    Blushing Swan

    Gleaming gold accents and a bold, dalmatian-print rug give this traditional pink and white swan-themed nursery, featured on Glitter Guide, a chic contemporary edge.

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    Pink on Pink

    A bright and cheery coral pops against pale pink walls in this sweet pink-on-pink nursery from Simple Studio.

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    Pink and Navy

    Who says blue is for the boys?

    Rich navy makes a dramatic statement in this gorgeous girl’s room from Project Nursery, setting off a traditional pink and white palette. Lace accents and crystal accessories keep this bold look all girl. 

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    Citrus Delight

    Colorful, pink and orange nursery with color blocking
    Duan Curry

    With its grapefruit-inspired palette of pinks and oranges, this deliciously sweet nursery space designed by VT Interiors lends a citrusy twist to the conventional pink and white approach.

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    Coming Up Roses

    Thousands of silk roses in various shades of pink bring this “blushing rose” nursery concept into full bloom. Spotted on US Weekly, Ali Fedotowsky’s one-of-a-kind nursery space blends traditional sensibilities with contemporary appeal, pairing sweet pink and white accents with chic contemporary furnishings for a look that’s anything but old-fashioned. 

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    Candy-Colored Dream

    With its candy-stripped accents and unexpected color pairing, this playful pink and red nursery designed by Sarah Richardson Interiors brings all things sweet to mind.  We just can’t get enough of this delightful space!

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    Rosie Bouquet

    Minty greens and rosy shades of pink pair perfectly in this beautiful garden-inspired nursery featured on Style Your Senses. Soft pastels ensure natural color cohesion while allowing the more dramatic floral shades in the accent wall to really pop. A touch of gold adds plenty of girly glam.

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    Just Peachy

    Peach is always a great choice for a little girl, combining the femininity of pink with the warmth and coziness of orange.

    This beautiful vintage nursery, designed by Arielle Elise, pairs this popular shade with fresh white textiles and soft pastel accents, creating a bright and airy space. 

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    Pink Paradise

    I spy paradise!

    A lively shade of coral paired with bold green accents and organic textiles gives this unique Instagram find a carefree, tropical feel.

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    All That Shimmers

    From the peachy-pink walls to the glamorous gold accents, this sweet little twin nursery, featured on Mini Style, is girl enough for two! While grey and gold is not a popular pairing, this silvery hue offers a perfect metallic balance, allowing the room’s pink and gold accents to really shine. 

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    Floral Beauty

    A gorgeous wallpaper accent wall featuring water-colored blossoms in pastel pink hues is the perfect anchor for this understated nursery space from Glitter Guide, introducing a touch of rosy color and that highlight the room's soft blush accessories. 

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    Royal Glam

    A rich tapestry of muted pinks, antique silver accents, and lux textiles makes this vintage girl's room from Project Nursery a real heart-stopper. A lilac purple accent wall adds drama, bringing a touch of royal glam to the space.

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    Pink and Grey

    Pink and grey has become a popular nursery palette in recent years, but getting it right requires careful color paring. For a nice balance, choose a clean, silvery hue with a touch of blue, and opt for a very light shade. You don’t want your nursery to look stormy!

    This pretty little nursery from Amanda G. Whitaker does everything right. The grey walls don't overpower the space, and the metallic accents pick up the silvery tones in the paint. Lovely!