Friday Night is Fish Night

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In the UK, Friday night has always been the traditional night to eat fish. It is simply part of our culture and stems from religion and the need to abstain from meat on a Friday (and during Lent). You can read more about this over on About's Catholic site with Scott Richert.  

Fresh Fish is Best

Eating fish on a Friday is also a good time in the week to ensure your fish is fresh. Weather permitting the boats will have been out all week and supplies plentiful.

If you want to know what fish is in season, currently not under threat and sustainable, I suggest you make friends with your fishmonger.

Make Friends with Your Fishmonger

Just like butchers, in the UK (less so in Ireland) fishmongers are declining. Unless we use them, we will most definitely lose them. Supermarket fish counters, on the whole, cannot provide the same amount of information as a real fishmonger. 

Being a responsible fish eater is confusing and also time-consuming. However,  the world without fish is unthinkable, but we are heading in that direction, though. To prevent this becoming a reality, we need to support the fishing industry, continue to eat fish from reliable sources and for that knowledge, the fishmonger is the best person to ask.

Sustainable is Vital

The lists of sustainable fish frequently change as stocks of individual fish grow or decline, so keeping up to date becomes a challenge.

If you do not have access to a reliable fishmonger, thankfully, there is reliable and accessible information on the Marine Conservation Society’s website. Look at its updated list before you go shopping, or take its handy fish guide with you.

Visit Marine Conservation Society.

Fish and Chips

Without a doubt, go up any high street in the UK on a Friday night at supper time and see the queues snaking out of the fish and chip shops.

Despite the invasion of the burger chains et al. A great way to eat fish is as fish and chips; they are still Britain's favourite take away.


What to Eat on Friday

If the waistline will not allow fish and chips, more gentle but just as tasty is a fish pie. The pie is an excellent way to eat fish and you can also throw in a few prawns or whatever takes your fancy to ring the changes.