52 Front Door Colors to Choose From

A midcentury modern foyer with an emerald green door

Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Karla Garcia

It's all about making a good first impression, and it's no different when it comes to your home. A refreshing new front door color that complements the rest of your home's exterior will boost your home's curb appeal and will set the tone for the rest of your home. Plus, it's an easy, budget-friendly way to upgrade your home, and you can easily change up the look once you're ready for something new.

To inspire you to pick up a paintbrush, we share are our favorite hues that'll make a grand entrance.

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    Pretty in Pink

    A bubblegum pink front door

    White Sands

    White Sand gave this Spanish bungalow a bright, cheery makeover with a fresh white stucco exterior and a bubblegum pink door that feels welcoming. The new look is a combination of eclectic and California cool with Mediterranean touches.

    Paint suggestion: Glidden Cotton Candy

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    A Happy Home

    A bright yellow front door with wood trim

    Burchard Design Co. / Instagram

    Many of us can agree that the color yellow evokes happy, joyful emotions and that's exactly what most of us want our homes to emanate. This canary yellow front door instantly brightens up a gloomy day and the wood door trim draws the eye to the entrance of the home.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Forsythia SW 6907

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    The Truth About Turquoise

    A Southwestern style home with a turquoise front door.

    The Home Consultant

    Using turquoise in Mediterranean and Southwestern style homes isn't just a beautiful design aesthetic, but its meaning goes beyond that. Historically, it was known to ward off bad luck but this color is prominent in design today. Here, The Home Consultant chose a turquoise front door for this Spanish-style abode that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Mexicali Turquoise

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    A Color for Every Season

    A mauve colored front door.

    Lucky Plot 13 / Instagram

    Sometimes a muted hue goes a long way. This front door is painted painted in a soft and subtle dusty pink that is the perfect backdrop to decorate for every season.

    Paint used: Frenchic Dusky Blush

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    A Refreshing Entryway

    A front entryway with a light blue interior front door

    Britt Design Studio

    The entryway in a home is the first place guests see, so the interior of the front door is just as important as the exterior. A light blue shade is a great choice if you want to bring a sense of calm and cleanliness to your space.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Soft Sky 807

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    An Inviting Neutral

    A light gray front door.

    Pure Salt Interiors / Instagram

    Neutral doesn't have to be boring. This all-white home exterior features a smoky gray front door that adds interest but still stays true to the neutral theme of the home. The large windows on the door enhance the airy feel of the home.

    Paint used: Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday 2112-50

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    A Touch of Spring

    The front porch of a home with a light blue door and pink hanging flowers.

    Burchard Design Co. / Instagram

    Spring is the season of renewal and growth and your home can reflect that especially if it's your favorite season. Here, Burchard Design Co. painted the front door in a bright, coastal-inspired blue that pairs perfectly with the pink flowers in the hanging basket for a spring feel that the homeowners can enjoy all year long.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Wave Top M450-3

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    Black and White Beauty

    A black and white home exterior

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Jeanne Canto

    There is something timeless and classy when it comes to black and white design, and this home exterior proves that. The black front door ties all the exterior elements together, from the striped window awnings to the all-white home exterior.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Black Magic SW 6991

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    A Welcoming Red Door

    A bright red front door with ironwork

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    A red front door isn't only eye-catching, but it has a special meaning behind it, too. In early American history, a red door was associated with hospitality. If travelers came across a house with a red door, it meant they were welcome to stay the night. So, whether you love the color or you love the historical meaning behind it, this color is sure to catch the eye of those passing by.

    Paint suggestion: Valspar Classic Red 1009-2

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    A Refreshing Makeover

    A light sage front door decorated with flowers.

    Finding Lovely

    Even a dark-hued home exterior can feel bright and refreshing with the right design elements. Here, Finding Lovely lightened up this home exterior with pastel hydrangeas and a light sage front door that creates a striking contrast against the dark gray home exterior.

    Paint Suggestion: Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light No. 235

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    A Happy Shade of Pink

    A gray house with a light pink front door

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Kelly Boyd

    Any shade of pink has always been associated with positive feelings, whether it's a bold pink hue or a more subtle shade like this ballerina pink front door that's the perfect complement to the gray exterior of this colonial-style home.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Ballerina pink 2082-70

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    Olive Accents

    A white Southwestern style home with an olive green front door

    The Home Consultant

    Even though this Spanish-style home was renovated, The Home Consultant kept the home's original door. The fresh coat of soft olive green on the door is a sneak peek of all the olive accents seen throughout the home's interior. This shade of green is a great way to represent outside elements in an indoor space.

    Paint Suggestion: Farrow & Ball Green Smoke No. 47

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    A Regal Look

    A royal blue front door

    Leah O' Connell Design

    Royal blue is a vivid shade of blue that has a regal vibe, and there is a good reason behind that. This shade of blue is believed to have helped clothiers in Somerset win a dress competition for Queen Charlotte. If this shade is known to have won a queen's approval, it can definitely make your home feel high-end and visually appealing.

    Paint Suggestion: Benjamin Moore Admiral Blue 2065-10

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    A Beautiful Jewel Tone

    An entryway of a home with an emerald green front door

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Karla Garcia

    Many people think of shades of blue, pinks or reds when it comes to painting their front doors, but a shade of green is an unexpected color that can enhance your home's design. Here, Calimia Home painted this front door a bold emerald green color that complements the home's midcentury modern style interior.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Country Squire SW 6475

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    Soothing Sage

    A white house with a sage French-style front door

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Certain colors are known to affect a person's mood, so if you want your home to represent a relaxing feel, a pastel shade is the way to go. Sage is a great option if you want to choose a neutral tone that's different from the usual white, black or gray.

    Paint Suggestion: Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe 1562

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    Pairing Bright Blue With Ironwork

    Bright blue front door with ironwork

    the_artisan_joiner / Instagram

    If you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, a bright color will not go unnoticed. This bright blue front door enhances the intricate ironwork on the door and stone exterior. It's a refreshing way to go bold.

    Paint Suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Major Blue SW 6795

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    Black With Turquoise

    A black front door with ironwork

    The Home Consultant

    For a seamless look, The Home Consultant painted this front door place to extend the look of the ironwork. The black and white home exterior allows the beautiful turquoise in the tile take center stage.

    Paint suggestion: Valspar New Black (4011-1)

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    Pink With Red Brick

    A front entrance of a home with fall decor and a light pink front door

    onedelightfulhome / Instagram

    Pink isn't the first color you think to pair with a red brick home, and it's not a color you often see in the fall, but this door proves that pink can work with any style home during any season. The color tones down the red brick and doesn't overwhelm the home's front entrance.

    Paint used: Benjamin Moore Coral Dust 2173-50

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    Little Black Door

    A black front door and front porch.

    Kate Marker Interiors

    The trick to painting a front door black is to prevent it from making your home feel dark and gloomy. But if you have a light home exterior or a door that features an interesting design element, like this six-pane window, black can enhance your home's exterior design while still feeling bright and airy.

    Paint suggestion: Valspar Dark Kettle Black 4011-2

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    An Eye-Catching Front Entrance

    A white front door decorated with pink flowers

    julie.thedesigntwins / Instagram

    You may not think a white front door would stand out, but if you have a dark door frame and dark front exterior, it will catch the eye. This front door looks beautiful against the black door frame and front stone facade. It softens the front entrance, along with the spring florals.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

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    Go for the Gold

    An interior shot of a mustard colored front door

    onedelightfulhome / Instagram

    The interior of the front door is just as important as the exterior, and you have no rules when it comes to finding a color that works for your home. Here, a homeowner painted the interior of her front door in a beautiful gold hue while the exterior is painted in an inviting pink shade.

    Paint used: Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold HC-11

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    A New Neutral

    A green front door decorated with a magnolia leaf wreath

    Leah Flores / Stocksy

    This saturated shade of sage is every neutral lover's dream. The color prevents the home from being monotonous but stays true to neutral design.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Green Balsam PPU11-15

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    All-Black Exterior

    A midcentury modern home exterior

    Light and Dwell

    To help separate different areas of the home, Light and Dwell kept one side of the home's exterior all black, including the front door. This provides a seamless look while allowing the architecture of the second floor to shine.

    Paint suggestion: Dulux Night Sky

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    Bold Red

    An apple red front door

    dropcap_studio / Instagram

    If you want to give your home exterior a bold makeover, red is the way to go. The red door on this earthy-toned house brings a warm, inviting feel to the home.

    Paint suggestion: Behr 8371 Candy Apple Red

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    In the Limelight

    A bright green front door

    broadwaterhouse / Instagram

    This modern and funky shade of lime gives this traditional-style door an instant upgrade. Everything else about this home's exterior is kept simple, which allows this front door to truly shine.

    Paint used: Dulux Blade Green

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    The House With the Pink Door

    A coral front door

    nestingwithgrace / Instagram

    If you love pink but want a richer tone, a salmon-colored hue does the trick. This saturated pink shade works for any season and virtually any style home, from farmhouse to colonial.

    Paint used: Sherwin-Williams Salmon River Run HGSW 2075

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    One With Nature

    A grass green colored front door surrounded by potted plants

    leapfrogfaerieglen / Instagram

    This grassy green shade is one with its natural surroundings. The bright blue pots provide a beautiful contrast with the door and make you feel like you've stepped into the middle of a lush garden.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Green Grass 450B-7

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    Spring Yellow

    A brick house with a bright yellow front door

    hannahscolourfulworld / Instagram

    The way this paint color makes you feel is in the name - a spring breeze. Not only does it bring life to your home's exterior but it gives your home curb appeal, especially when paired with growing yellow roses.

    Paint used: Dulux Spring Breeze 3

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    Bright Blue Beauty

    A royal blue front door surrounded by citrus plants

    leapfrogfaerieglen / Instagram

    This saturated shade of blue paired with the brass hardware gives this home a sophisticated, high-end look. It's flanked by two citrus plants that bring in an extra dose of color.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Dark Royal Blue 2065-20

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    A Contemporary Touch

    A white house with an ocean blue front door

    leapfrongfaerieglen / Instagram

    The symmetrical front entry of this home is timeless and elegant, so the coastal blue-colored door adds a pleasant surprise to this home's front exterior. It enhances the home's classic architecture while adding a contemporary touch.

    Paint suggestion: Valspar Nautical 5007-9C

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    Tomato Red

    A tangerine colored front door

    leapfrogfaerieglen / Instagram

    Not quite orange and not quite red, this traditional-style door is dressed in a delicious shade of red orange. The tropical-inspired shade perfectly complements the other elements of this front entry.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Autumn Cover 2170-30

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    Candy Apple Red

    An apple red front door

    leapfrogfaerieglen / Instagram

    It's no wonder they call it eye candy because that's exactly what this candy apple red front door is. The saturated red color is a stark contrast between the white exterior and black shutters, which gives this traditional home a fun twist.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Real Red SW 6868

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    Just Peachy

    A peach colored front door with fall decor

    brittinprior / Instagram

    Peach isn't the first color you think of when it comes to picking a front door color, but this saturated peach tone is a satisfying color pairing with this muted olive green home. The front entrance now has a cheerful and grand feel, and the iron hardware and house numbers complete the look.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Orange Sherbet 260B-4

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    A Subtle Shade

    A white house with a light blue front door and spring flowers

    Maite Granda

    The long hallway to the front entrance of this home is already eye-catching, so going with a muted tone for the front door will allow the architecture to speak for itself. The light bluish gray shade of the door still adds visual appeal while allowing the home's true beauty to catch the eye.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Krypton SW 6247

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    Coastal Vibes

    A charcoal gray house with an ocean blue front door

    margaret.wright / Instagram

    Charcoal gray is a great choice for a home exterior when paired with the right hues. Homeowner Sun Woven created a cheerful entrance to her home with coastal blue front doors that complement both the gray house and greenery that lead from the steps to the front entrance.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Aqueduct SW 6758

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    Spring Green

    A kelly green front door decorated with pink flowers

    julie.thedesigntwins / Instagram

    Kelly green, white and pink are synonymous with spring, which is why this homeowner chose this kelly green shade for her front door. The green door allows the pink florals to really pop and the white door frame enhances the deep green shade even more.

    Paint used: Sherwin Williams Espaliar SW 6734

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    Rustic Warmth

    An entryway with a wood stained front door

    Nest Out West

    If rustic is your design aesthetic, you'll want to stay true to earthy, natural tones and materials. A beautiful wood stain, like this one by Minwax, will instantly bring warmth to a home.

    Wood stain used: Minwax 'Early American'

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    Full of Personality

    A royal blue front door

    Ursula Carmona for Home Made by Carmona

    Your home should have reflect your personality, and if that means bold and fun, your front door should be too. Here, Ursula Carmona gave her front door a style boost with a beautiful shade of blue that's bold yet classic.

    Paint used: Modern Masters Peaceful Front Door Paint

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    A Charming Entrance

    A gray door on a brick house

    Lea Jones / Stocksy

    This grayish blue front door looks stunning against the brickwork of this charming home. The growing greenery, six-pane window on the door and curved brickwork add intricate details that allow the blue gray door to standout.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Slate Blue 1648

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    Old Door, New Look

    A black front door with a window

    Blanco Bungalow

    When Laura of Blanco Bungalow bought her historic bungalow, she wanted to keep the original door that is more than 100 years old, but it didn't fit the aesthetic once she painted the home exterior a crisp, clean white. She decided to give it a bold facelift with black wood stain. Not only does black conceal all the door's imperfections from years of wear and tear, but the stain gives the home a more modern look.

    Stain used: Varathane Ebony Wood Stain

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    Cozy Coastal Look

    A light blue front door

    Hannah Tyler Designs

    A coastal house should feature coastal colors and design elements. During their home's front exterior makeover, Hannah and Tyler replaced their home's siding with board and battan, brass fixtures and a new front door. When choosing the door color, Hannah wanted something fun and beachy yet soft and classic, which this soft blue shade accomplishes easily.

    Paint used: Behr Urban Raincoat N440-2

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    Natural Wood With Black

    A midcentury modern wood front door

    Design by Isabey Interiors / Photo by Trevor Cooper Images

    Sometimes letting a door's natural wood shine through creates the perfect design aesthetic. This wood and glass door's cedar stain looks warm and inviting against the modern black door frame. The look is modern and masculine while still feeling inviting and cozy.

    Stain suggestion: Behr Premium Cedar Naturaltone

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    Going Dutch

    A Dutch style door painted in blue

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Kyle Monk

    Dutch doors already provide a beautiful design element to a home, so you can get away with a softer more subdued color. This dreamy blue shade pairs beautifully with the white house and black satin hardware.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Partly Cloudy S500-3

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    The Beauty in Gray

    A muted green front door flanked by two potted shrubs

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Gray is one of those colors that will stand the test of time, and it's a great neutral alternative to white or black. A dark, bold color would hide this door's intricate design, but this soft gray allows you to appreciate the details.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Loft Space N500-2

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    A purple front door

    Javier Marquez / Stocksy

    Purple is probably not the first color you think to paint a front door, but if your front door is more narrow than the typical door, this bright, poppy hue can make your entrance feel more grand. We love when it's paired with a buttery yellow hue for a color combo that's whimsical.

    Paint suggestion: Valspar Purple Davenport 1003-3A

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    Traditional Black

    A black front door

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Black is often associated with modern style homes, but it's also a great option for traditional ones. This classic home exterior is timeless with its white door frame, tan exterior and black door.

    Paint suggestion: Benjamin Moore Jet Black 2120-10

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    All in the Details

    A cranberry colored front door

    Design by Otta Design / Photo by Jonathan Bond

    Every inch of this front entrance features an interesting design element, from the intricate tile work to the stained glass door. But what really elevates the look of this is the cranberry-hued front door and frame that complements the home's brickwork. It's an unconventional color choice that will brighten up the neighborhood.

    Paint suggestion: PPG Crazed Cranberry

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    The Warmth of Wood

    A wood front door decorated with baskets and plants

    Ember and Brune

    The rich wood stain on this home instantly brings warmth to this home before you even step foot in it. The white-washed brick against the rich oak color provides a beautiful contrast that's inviting, timeless and is the perfect way to welcome guests.

    Stain suggestion: Minwax Golden Oak Stain

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    A Natural Look

    A knotted pine wood Dutch style front door


    Dutch doors were originally on farmhouses to keep animals out while letting children and outside air in, so it makes sense to stick with a farmhouse theme if you have a Dutch door. This wood door features a light stain, which allows the natural wood grain to show giving this home a true farmhouse look.

    Stain suggestion: Sherwin-Williams White Birch SW3503

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    Soft Periwinkle

    A periwinkle front door

    Lior + Lone / Stocksy

    Periwinkle is a combination of light blue and lavender, which offers a relaxing, welcoming feel. This door features detailing that looks even more beautiful in this soft shade and would shine even more when paired with a colorful garden.

    Paint suggestion: Sherwin-Williams Hyacinth Tint SW 6968

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    A Shining Focal Point

    A pink front door

    The Palmerston Project / Instagram

    The oversized brass handle on the front door of The Palmerston Project's home is the focal point of the front entrance, but it's all about giving it the perfect backdrop. The bubblegum pink front door is a great contrast that allows the handle to stand out even more than it already naturally does.

    Paint suggestion: Dunn-Edwards Paints Bubblegum DE 5072

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    Charming and Colorful

    An English cottage with a blue front door

    Mary Anne Smiley Interiors / Instagram

    A charming colonial style home can be fun and colorful with the right color choice. You notice the beautiful blue front door of this colonial home even from a distance. It's an easy way to add color to an exterior space and enhance a lush front garden.

    Paint suggestion: Behr Big Surf M460-3