11 Front Door Styles to Consider

Brown front door with side glass

houseofmurphy / Instagram

Your front door is the entryway to your home and one of the easiest ways to add an instant dose of curb appeal. A new, beautiful front door offers an instant return on your investment and can truly transform the exterior of your home. One way to upgrade your front door is simply by painting it a bold or unique color to create an eye-catching statement.

But if it's time to pick out an entirely new front door, there are plenty of design approaches to choose from. Whether you're into a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look or searching for something more modern, here are some great front door styles to consider.

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    Barn Door

    Blue barn door as a front door

    makemineaspritzer / Instagram

    Want to give your home a bit of country charm? Check out this lovely barn door from makemineaspritzer. We love the Dutch-style design that allows you to keep the top part of the front door open for a breeze while the bottom keeps furry animals inside. Add a coat of teal paint, and you have a front door that is sure to draw attention.

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    Wood Paneled

    Front door with wood paneling

    homeattheheart / Instagram

    This front door from homeattheheart is a little bit rustic while still maintaining an overall modern feel. We love the wood paneling, which offers a lot of visual interest while playing well with the overall chalet-like style of the home. This type of texture is best in rustic homes, but can also be made modern or contemporary with the right fixtures.

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    Modern front door

    tarynwhiteaker_designs / Instagram

    Whether your home is mid-century modern or just contemporary, this streamlined front door from tarynwhiteaker_designs is a great inspiration. We love the geometric details and the large panes of glass that allow light to filter in. The black and tan color scheme is perfect for neutral, modern homes, but you could also experiment with a bold hue instead.

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    Etched Glass

    Glass front door with pink paint

    colorful_kimmes / Instagram

    We can't decide what we love more about this front door from colorful_kimmes: the fun pop of neon pink or the etched-glass design. We love how pretty and unique this front door is, and opting for an etched or frosted glass door is a great way to bring in loads of light without sacrificing privacy.

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    Modern Farmhouse

    Double black front doors

    lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    If you can't get enough of that "Fixer Upper" modern farmhouse style, this chic front door from lemonleafhomeinteriors is the one for you. We love the double-door design that allows for maximum light and easy access when you need to bring in large items. When opting for a farmhouse door, a simple black or gray is a good way to keep the look neutral.

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    Blue craftsman front door

    onceupona1912 / Instagram

    A typical craftsman door has a dentil shelf, a decorative feature that gives it a rustic appearance and adds a bit of visual interest. This lovely mint green craftsman door from onceupona1912 incorporates one and displays how this color can be a great choice for a bungalow or craftsman-style home.

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    Traditional With Side Glass

    Brown front door with side glass

    houseofmurphy / Instagram

    If you are looking for a more traditional-style front door, check out this idea from houseofmurphy. This version is a mix of traditional and farmhouse, and is a great choice for nearly any style of home. This version is traditional wood, but the style would work well with a bolder color, too.

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    Front door with blue paint

    13_is_home / Instagram

    If you want a front door with a little more visual interest, consider this ornate style from 13_is_home. While the overall door is fairly traditional, the decorative glass panels give it an elegant look and play well with the brick exterior. Considering your exterior is key when picking your front door, as you want the designs to complement rather than clash.

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    Arch Top Front Door

    Black front door with top arch

    alibuddinteriors / Instagram

    Check out this stunning front door from alibuddinteriors. If you want a front door that makes a big statement, this one definitely fits the bill. The amazing arched top, the decorative paneling, and the double doors give it a stately appearance that's both modern and traditional.

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    Contemporary With Glass

    Black front door with semi circle glass

    spinnakerwdc / Instagram

    If your home is contemporary, consider a modern door with a unique glass panel. This one from spinnakerwdc features a semi-circle glass top allows light to come in while giving it a very distinctive look and feel.

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    House with steel and glass front door

    danabensonconstruction / Instagram

    Here's a modern front door idea that's a bit out of the box and incredibly stunning. Courtesy of danabensonconstruction, this particular one is made out of glass and steel to give it an industrial look that is perfect for letting the sunshine into your entryway. Plus, a steel door is incredibly sturdy and will last for years to come.