25 Fantastic Front Porch Lighting Ideas

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Jeanne Canto for Calimia Home

Selecting light fixtures for the front porch may seem like a complicated process, but don't worry— we're here to help. Below, we're sharing 25 front porches and stoops that continue to inspire us and will also help you weigh the merits of sleek sconces, traditional lanterns, show-stopping pendants, and so much more. Get ready to light things up!

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    Be Beautifully Asymmetrical

    front porch lighting

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    A single sconce is a great choice for those who crave a perfectly asymmetrical look. If you're feeling artful, opt for one with a bit of intrigue to it, whether in terms of shape or color. Not sure where to begin? Consider playing off the shade of your front door or window shades, for example.

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    Install Outdoor Sconces Throughout

    front porch lighting

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    You may wish to spread sconces out throughout the length of your front porch. This ensures that everyone can enjoy ample light while spending time outside during the evening hours. Here, a single sconce illuminates a small nook that's outfitted with welcoming Adirondack chairs.

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    Opt for Sweet Symmetry

    front porch lighting

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    Many people will opt for two sconces flanking the door for a clean, symmetrical look. What's great about this option is that it's compatible with a wide range of exterior styles, whether your home is a colonial, craftsman, Victorian, or something else entirely.

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    Keep it Simple

    front porch lighting

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    Alternatively, a simple pendant light on its own may be enough! Here, a modern pendant light makes a bold statement and contrasts against this home's white brick exterior beautifully.

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    Incorporate a Pendant Light

    front porch lighting

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    Those with a covered entryway may also wish to hang a pendant light in addition to sconces on both sides of the front door.

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    Light the Way

    black front door

    Kate Marker Interiors

    A single sconce hangs above an ornate plaque detailing the history of this home, which dates back to 1860. Hanging the sconce here is a great way to draw visitors' attention to this cool fact, too. You could also install your sconce over your house numbers if you have those hanging in a similar location.

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    gray front door with planters

    Mary Patton Design

    Beautiful lanterns make a classic statement outside this stately white brick home.

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    Juxtapose It

    front porch lighting

    Jeanne Canto for Calimia Home

    While this home is more traditional in style, modern black sconces provide a fun juxtaposition to the exterior.

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    All in a Row

    front porch lighting

    Evens Architects

    A row of pendant lights illuminates this expansive porch, which doubles as a beautiful outdoor dining spot. The pendants, combined with candles and a fireplace, cast a romantic glow.

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    Fabulous Flush Mount

    front porch lighting

    Evens Architects

    A flush mount is sleek and practical in this outdoor gathering space. Sizable outdoor furniture instantly turns the front porch into a second living room of sorts, making it easy for friends and family to gather on warm weather days without even having to step foot indoors.

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    Go Nontraditional

    front porch lighting

    Jeff Roberts Imaging for Nicola's Home

    When designing this home, Nicola Mangenello had her eye on something a little bit off the beaten path. “The light fixtures I selected for this porch are by Bevolo and the style is French Quarter Yoke Drop," she says. "It’s a wonderful fixture because it can be either electric or gas. I chose them for the non-traditional way that they hang. Considering the oversized scale of the home’s columns, I felt the porch needed a larger fixture to balance them out."

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    Light the Path

    front porch lighting

    Margaret Rajic for Elizabeth Drake

    “Create an inviting front porch with decorative lighting that provides an illuminated path up to the front door," designer Elizabeth Drake encourages. "This lantern with a glass top was selected for highlighting the blue ceiling feature, and its corresponding wall sconces at the door. I extended the home’s color palette of blue and silver onto the porch with a black accent front door.”

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    Try This Cheery Touch

    front porch lighting

    @_chrissmithphotography_ for @mikestevenshomes / Instagram

    This wraparound porch features string light for an extra dose of brightness. If your porch offers wooden beams like this, wrapping lights around them can be a great way to make the space feel even more welcoming and illuminated when entertaining at night.

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    Stay Cool

    front porch ceiling fan light

    @blessedlittlebungalow / Instagram

    A fan is a must for hot summer days on the front porch. Opt for a fixture that also features lighting so that you can continue to enjoy the fan's benefits at night, too.

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    Get Minimalistic

    front porch lighting

    @bytheolivetreehome / Instagram

    This metal sconce—and the pendant that is a larger mirror of it—is perfect for the minimalistic entryway.

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    Make a Statement

    front porch lighting

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    You will certainly want to choose an overhead fixture that is proportional to your entryway ceiling height. The taller it is, the more dramatic you can go when it comes to pendant lights! this one features a long chain that makes a sophisticated statement.

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    Keep It Straightforward

    front porch lighting

    Britt Design Studio

    This Hamptons style home features a simple pendant light that allows the detailed window moldings to really shine and become the focal point.

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    Get Artsy

    plant stool outdoors


    A modern pendant light with a beautiful rounded bulb doubles as art on this front porch.

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    Go for the Globe

    front porch lighting

    Tyler Karu

    Globe-shaped sconces add modernity and style to this front porch. The colors play to the home wonderfully, drawing from the white paneling as well as the black front door and window panes.

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    Make It Matchy Matchy

    front porch lighting

    Tyler Karu

    Lanterns sconces look lovely outside this colonial style home, while plants on either side of the entryway keep the symmetrical look going.

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    Be Traditional

    front porch lighting

    White Sands Design Build

    Lantern style sconces remind us of simpler times when entryways were truly lit by candlelight. As the above image shows, this style of fixture doesn't have to be reserved for colonial style houses by any means.

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    Rock the Recessed Lighting

    front porch lighting

    White Sands Design Build

    Recessed lighting illuminates the entryway to this coastal style home, which, with its multiple porch areas, is extremely well equipped for outdoor entertaining.

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    Opt for the Mod

    front porch lighting

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    An ultra-modern outdoor sconce illuminates this home's entryway and complements its sleek window style at the same time.

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    Make a Simple Statement

    front porch lighting

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    This Arts and Crafts style home features a simple pendant in the entryway, allowing the stone exterior to really be the statement maker as one walks up to the front door.

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    Add a Pop of Copper

    front porch lighting

    Maite Granda

    Copper is a popular finish when it comes to outdoor lanterns; the ones above pop against the home's white exterior.