10 Front Walkways For Maximum Curb Appeal

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    Front Walkway Idea: Alternate Ground Cover

    Front Walkway With Pavers Interspersed with Ground Cover
    Front Walkway With Pavers Interspersed with Ground Cover. © System Pavers Inc.

    If you're not a huge fan of front walkways that are gridded with ground cover to the point that they are practically overgrown, you may appreciate this front walkway that uses System Pavers and judiciously intersperses the ground cover every five rows or so.

    It's just the right amount to break up the monotony of concrete pavers. It also helps with drainage, in that water flowing downhill (away from the house) will be caught by the next available ground cover band and will percolate away...MORE into the ground.

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    Front Walkway Idea: Grass Between Pavers or Pavers Between Grass?

    Close View of Pavers Interspersed with Grass
    Close View of Pavers Interspersed with Grass. © System Pavers Inc.

    Depends on how you look at it. Since the 4 inch area of grass between the pavers is narrower than the paver sections, the eye tends to look at them as small, isolated bands.

    Or is this a lawn with approximately 3'x3' sections of pavers laid within the lawn?

    Either way to view it, this type of walkway is inspired: it diffuses the feeling of "paver monotony"; promotes drainage; and makes for a unique design that few other homes have.

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    Tuscan-Styled Front Walkway Idea

    Tuscan Style Front Walkway
    This walkway material product is available at System Pavers, Inc. © System Pavers Inc.

    Different-colored pavers laid at random make for an Italian-inspired front walkway. Note that this walkway is not slavishly laid in straight lines and right angles. Rather, it's a collection of graceful curves, echoing the curved tops of the windows (just out of sight).

    Diagonal placement of the field pavers make this walkway an artistic expression wrought in concrete.


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    Front Walkway Idea: Narrow and Easy to Install

    Simple, Narrow Bordered Front Walkway in Pavers
    © System Pavers Inc.

    Some walkway designs seem like they should be on the front cover of Architectural Digest. And they seem equally remote to the average homeowner.

    This one, though, is easy to accomplish. Using concrete pavers from System Pavers, it begins with a narrow gray band on each side to give the path definition. Then, these borders are filled in with random-colored pavers.

    Best part: no cutting is involved. The walkway is laid according to a width dictated by the size of the pavers.

    Anybody can do this one,...MORE and it works for both front walks and for sides or garden pathways, as shown here.

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    Front Walkway Ideas: Draw a Path Through the Driveway With Pavers

    Front Walkway Defined Out of Driveway Pavers
    © System Pavers Inc.

    We like this one on so many levels. First, you've got the front pathway itself, which uses interlocking "bricks" from System Pavers. Nice.

    But what we really like is how these pavers define a sinuous pathway through a driveway also built of pavers. Pavers and even more pavers--isn't that too much? But by simply using a different color, turning them in a different direction, and adding a border, you've got a pathway that connects the front of the house to the side.​

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    Front Walkway Ideas: Bring Path Along Side of House, Not Straight In

    Pavers Used for Front Walkway Side Entrance
    © System Pavers Inc.

    The classic walkway configuration is to situate it perpendicular to the house so that you can park on the street and walk up to the house.

    This doesn't work in larger neighborhoods where owners and house guests park in the driveway. In this case, it's pointless to have a path perpendicular to the house. Why?

    So a pathway is brought alongside the house, with a planting strip added to separate the path from the house. This one is from System Pavers, likely from its Avignon Collection.

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    Front Walkway Ideas: Medallion Gives Path Illusion of Grandeur

    Large Medallion With Front Walkway
    © System Pavers Inc.

    It's a simple pathway leading up to a simple porch. But by adding this large circle of pavers--I'll call it a medallion--a sweeping feeling of magnificence is created.

    Functionally, it gives extra space when saying goodbye to house-guests or for trick-or-treaters to congregate. Visually, it opens things up and makes a grand statement, not just for the walkway but for your entire home.

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    Front Walkway Ideas: Make Your Steps Circular

    Double Circle Stepped Front Walkway
    © Grinnell Concrete Paving Stones, Inc.

    This unique and eye-catching design comes by way of Grinnell Concrete Paving Stones, Inc.

    Of course, there are easier ways to craft a couple of steps than this. But we're talking about your ​front entrance; don't you want it to be special, unique, amazing?

    By turning conventional rectangular steps into large circles, this path to the house becomes a work of art unto itself.

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    Front Walkway Idea: Vintage Pavers to Match Style of Older Home

    Vintage Style Pavers for Restored House
    © Grinnell Concrete Paving Stones, Inc.

    When you've got a nicely restored older home, you can't lay down 99 cent red 12" x 12" concrete pavers from The Home Depot. Your home demands a little flair, and flair is what you get with these Sussex I, II & III Vintage Pavers from Grinnell (Color: Buckskin).

    One special touch is how the plantings meet, and in some cases overlap, the edge of the walkway. This softens the borders and gives the front yard a lush appearance.

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    Front Walkway Ideas: Multiple Sinuous Paths Intersect

    Sinuous Walkway
    © Grinnell Concrete Paving Stones, Inc.

    This landscape designer was no linear thinker. Three sinuous pathways converge, giving the walker the option of going to house front, house side, or to the driveway. These are Grinnell Pavers' Sussex 5-Piece Vintage in Gray Flash and Hickory.

    About System Pavers

    This product is available at System Pavers, Inc.  Due to various internal company reasons, System Pavers has requested that we not link to them.  But you can easily find them by Googling their name.  Currently, they have locations in 9...MORE U.S. West Coast cities.