Frost Free Yard Hydrant Repair

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    Frost Free Yard Hydrant Repair

    A leaking yard hydrant
    Aaron Stickley

    If your frost free yard hydrant is dripping it should be repaired quickly before it freezes. Many times the rubber seal will harden and crack over the years. When the seal begins to fail the normal methods of shutting off the hydrant will not work. Often a yard hydrant repair involves replacing the broken seal that is causing the leak.

    There are many types of yard hydrants each with slightly different components. Each hydrant brand offers a hydrant repair kit for their product. To begin a yard...MORE hydrant repair it is important to get the repair kit for the hydrant brand that you have.

    The brand name should be on the top of the hydrant. Call your local home improvement store, hardware store, and/or plumbing supply house and find out who carries repair parts for the yard hydrant you have. Sometimes this may require ordering the part online.

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    Turn Off Water

    If all goes well a yard hydrant repair can be done without digging up the hydrant. First make sure you have the parts to repair the seal.

    Shut off the water to the hydrant. Make sure the water if off by trying to turn the yard hydrant on.

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    Remove The Hydrant

    Removing a yard hydrant head from stand pipe
    Aaron Stickley

    Using two pipe wrenches remove the hydrant from the stand pipe. One pipe wrench should hold the stand pipe for support and the other is used to unscrew the hydrant.

    If unscrewing the hydrant proves too difficult try to lubricate the threads. Also, using bigger pipe wrenches or cheaters to increase you leverage and make unscrewing it easier.

    Cheaters: a piece of pipe on the end of each pipe wrench to increase the length of the wrench and provide more leverage.

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    Change The Rubber Gasket

    Removing a yard hydrant gasket
    Aaron Stickley
    With the head of the hydrant unscrewed carefully slide out the long riser from the stand pipe. You should see the rubber gasket on the bottom of the rod. This rubber gasket is the part which you will be replacing.

    Unscrew the rubber gasket from the end of the rod. To install the new rubber gasket simply screw the new one on to the end of the rod.

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    Re-Install The Hydrant

    Reinstalling a yard hydrant head onto stand pipe

    Before reinstalling the hydrant it is a good idea to put new plumber's tape on to the end of the stand pipe. Clean off the old tape and apply plumber's tape to the threads. For extra leak protection apply some pipe joint compound onto the plumber's tape as well. Used together the tape and pipe joint compound are a great combination that makes it hard to get a leak.

    Place the rod back in the riser and screw the head of the hydrant back on to the stand pipe making sure it stops with the hydrant...MORE facing the direction you want.

    Now you can turn the water back on and see if the hydrant repair stopped the drip. If it did not or if part of the rod or riser broke while you were removing it then you will need to dig up and replace the yard hydrant.