Frozen Games for Kids

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    Frozen Games for Kids

    Anna, Elsa and Olaf at Walt Disney World. Keriann Wilmot for

    Frozen toys and role play items can't be stocked on shelves fast enough. Children everywhere are embodying the Frozen spirit with sparkling dresses, braided hairstyles and toy ice castles. Frozen games for kids are also very popular, more readily available, cost-effective, educational and include a variety of card games, matching games and board games.

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    Frozen Matching Game by Wonder Forge

    Disney Frozen Matching
    Wonder Forge

    This matching, memory game, includes 3 different sets of paired cards, 72 cards in total. Kids can play with as many or as little cards as they would like, then take turns flipping cards over searching for pairs featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Hans, and picturesque scenes from the movie. 

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    Frozen Surprise Sliders by Wonder Forge

    Frozen Surprise Slides
    Wonder Forge

    Many children love board games. Frozen Surprise Slides from Wonder Forge is similar to Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Players choose a player, and spin the spinner, moving their character from one colored square to the next. There are 4 different removable panels in the game board with sliding paths on them. If a player spins a snowflake, they can follow the direction of the path, which could allow them to move ahead or behind their opponents. 

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    Disney Frozen Spot it! Alphabet by Blue Orange

    Disney Frozen Spot it! Game
    Blue Orange

    Disney Frozen Spot it! by Blue Orange games is a portable, matching game. Children look at 2 different cards at the same time, looking for the letter or picture that is the same on both cards. This is a great game that can be played independently or in small groups. It also arrives in a small tin, making it easy to carry into restaurants and in a carry-on bag. The cards feature characters and items from the Frozen movie.

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    Frozen Monopoly Junior Board Game

    Frozen Monopoly Junior
    Hasbro / Amazon

    Hasbro's Monopoly Junior is one of the best games to teach children about math, specifically learning about cash value and counting skills. The Frozen edition game only includes paper bills with a one dollar value. Properties and rents range in dollar increments up to 5. Players can pretend to be Anna, Elsa or Olaf and travel around the board buying fun locations within Arendelle. 

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