Frozen Party Games, Crafts and Activities

Fun homemade melting snowman cupcakes for kids
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Do you want to build a snowman? Perhaps an ice cube relay race? How about playing some reindeer games? Okay, so maybe Anna only asked the first question, but we're sure she would have enjoyed doing any of these Frozen-themed activities with her sister, Elsa.

If you’re throwing a Frozen-themed party or looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with fans of Disney’s Nordic princess sisters, this collection of activities includes ideas for everything from games to performances to edible crafts.

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    Put Olaf Together

    Olaf cutout

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    Kids must first find hidden pieces of Olaf and race to put them back together. You can either have them play individually or as teams. For individual play, print one Olaf image per player. Cut the Olafs into pieces. Hide the pieces around the party space. Each player must find a complete set and build Olaf before time runs out.

    If you prefer a team effort, you can have two pictures of Olaf printed to poster size (or draw your own on poster board). Cut the images into two sets of pieces and scatter them around the play area. Divide players into two teams and have them race to see which team will be first to collect and reassemble their Olaf. 

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    Build Your Own Sleigh

    Frozen sleigh

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    Cut a sleigh out of a large cardboard box and let kids decorate it to look like Kristoff's sled.

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    Take a Picture with Olaf

    Frozen beach chairs and umbrella

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    This whimsical set up of Olaf under a beach umbrella provides the perfect photo opportunity for party guests. 

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    Build Your Own Snowman Cupcakes

    Fun homemade melting snowman cupcakes for kids
    ThitareeSarmkasat / Getty Images

    Set your party guests up with everything they need to turn already-baked, plain cupcakes into their own, edible snowmen. 

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    Make Anna Hair Braids

    Cropped image of hands tying womans hair while sitting in tent
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    Use gathers of red and white yarn or ribbon to make braids that resemble Anna’s signature hairstyle with the white streak running through it. Glue them to barrettes or hair clips so the girls at your party can sport their very own “just like Anna’s” braids. 

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    Make Troll Necklaces

    Colorful Rainbow loom bracelet rubber bands fashion close up
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    A fun party craft for a Frozen-themed party is to have the kids make necklaces that resemble the ones worn by the trolls. These can easily be made by attaching glow sticks to ribbon. 

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    Frozen Sing Along

    Playful girls against castle painting during princess party
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    What would a Frozen party be without the little princesses belting out “Let it Go” or those junior Olaf’s singing “In Summer?” Play the songs from the movie (or stream a sing-along edition) and give the kids some props with which to enhance their performances.

    Some ideas for props include princess gowns, bubbles, confetti snow, umbrellas, reindeer antlers and troll necklaces.

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    Krisotff's Ice Delivery Race

    crushed ice in bucket, ice in bucket
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    Have your party guests team up to deliver ice like Kristoff! Fill two buckets with ice cubes and set them on one side of the party space. Place two empty buckets at the other side of the room. Divide kids into two teams. Give each team a spoon. Have them race, relay-style, to transfer the ice cubes, one at a time on the spoon, from one bucket to the other. The first team to fill their bucket wins. 

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    Marshmallow Freeze Tag

    Friendly neighborhood children playing together outside
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    To play this game, one player is Elsa and one player is the Marshmallow monster. The rest of the kids are Annas and Kristoffs. Elsa must stay in her ice castle (a small space, such as a square marked off with colored tape on the floor). The marshmallow monster stands in the middle of the room and the remaining players start on the opposite side of the ice castle.

    When the game begins, the players must try to reach Elsa in her ice castle without being tagged by the Marshmallow. Any players who are tagged by the Marshmallow are frozen in place and it’s up to the other players to get past the Marshmallow in order to free their frozen friends. The first player to tag Elsa gets to trade places with her.  

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    Freeze Dance

    Three young girls in party dress holding hands and dancing
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    If there was ever a party where freeze dance fits the theme, a Frozen party is it! Have kids dance to the songs from the movie and freeze whenever you stop the music. The last one to freeze each time is out. Keep playing until only one player remains.    

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    Indoor Winter Activities

    Plate of star shape Christmas cookies and hot chocolate
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    These ideas for winter indoor fun can help you bring some snow-themed activities into your Frozen-themed party space. Have an indoor snowball fight, build a snowman out of pillowcases or enjoy a hot cocoa picnic. 

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    Sledding Games

    Two children sitting on a sledge
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    If you’re lucky enough to actually have snow on the ground on the day of your Frozen party, ask guests to bundle up for some outdoor fun. Let them pretend to be on a sledding adventure with Kristoff, Anna, and Swen as they enjoy some of these sledding games.  

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    Snowman Party Games

    Child Drawing of a Happy Snowman Isolated on White
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    Olaf and his friends would love to join your kids for some of these snowman-themed party games.

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    Reindeer Party Games

    Portrait of smiling toddler girl wearing reindeer antlers headband and Christmas baubles
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    Some of these reindeer party games have a holiday theme, but many of them can be adapted to fit a Frozen party theme in honor of Swen, the lovable reindeer character.