Fruit Cobblers

A delicious fruit dessert for any occasion

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Cobblers are a favorite family dessert in most areas of the South. Damon Lee Fowler, in "Classical Southern Cooking," traces the first printed Southern recipe of the dish to Lettice Bryan's "The Kentucky Housewife" of 1839. The cobbler-like deep dish pie recipe was called "cut and come again." After the 1860s, "cobbler" was the word used for the dessert and recipes for it became commonplace.

Not considered a fancy dessert, the cobbler usually has a thick biscuit-like crust with a filling of fruit.

Some versions are enclosed in the crust, while others have a drop-biscuit or crumb topping. Fruit can be fresh, frozen, or canned, and be sure to serve your warm or cold fruit cobbler with whipped topping or whipped cream, heavy cream, or ice cream.

Here are some recipes for cobblers, including some favorite peach cobblers, berry cobblers, apple cobblers, and more. Also links to other fruit desserts, including crisps, crunches, buckles, and more.

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