Frying Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Cha Gio

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    Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Cha Gio

    Cha Gio
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    Frying the spring rolls is the last step in preparing the popular and scrumptious Imperial Rolls.

    Before getting to this point of frying the spring rolls, you will need to have:

    1. prepared the Vietnamese Spring Roll filling.
    2. wrapped up the spring roll using rice paper wrappers.
    3. concocted the Vietnamese dipping sauce, which main ingredient is the fish sauce. This is a dipping sauce that goes exceptionally well with the Cha Gio.
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    Recap - This is How the Vietnamese Spring Roll Filling Looks Like

    Frying Cha Gio
    Filling for the Vietnamese Spring Roll. © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to

    The filling for the Vietnamese Spring Roll is delicious. You may substitute the minced pork used in the recipe with either minced chicken or duck.

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    Recap - Wrapping the Spring Roll for Frying

    Wrapping spring rolls
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    This is how the spring rolls are wrapped using rice paper. It's a great wheat-free recipe.

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    Frying the Spring Rolls

    Frying spring rolls
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    To start the process going, all you need is a nice big wok or saucepan, a ladle or a pair of tongs and some oil.

    1. Heat up a cup of oil on low heat in a wok or big sauce pan. When the oil starts to lightly smoke, it is ready for frying.
    2. Using a ladle or a pair of tongs, gently immerse a spring roll into the hot oil. Be very gentle so that the oil does not splash on you.
    3. After half a minute, turn the spring roll over gently. Fry for another half a minute, then put it to the side of the wok and let it...MORE continue frying. You need to do this before putting the next spring roll into the oil as the spring rolls may stick to each other before both sides have been fried for half a minute.
    4. Fry the spring rolls until they are golden brown and crispy.
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    Strain the Vietnames Spring Rolls of Oil

    Strain Vietnamese spring rolls
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    Scoop up the cooked spring rolls and place them on a metal strainer, so that any excess oil can drip away. Alternatively, place some kitchen towels on a plate to soak up this excess oil.

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    Vietnamese Spring Rolls Ready to Be Served

    Serving cha gio
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    You may eat these spring rolls as they are with the Vietnamese dipping sauce.