Fuego Element 01 Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Elegant in design, simple in function

Fuego. Element Grill by Fuego

The Bottom Line

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The Fuego Element is a unique grill. Basically a pedestal grill, this grill is as small as you can get in a full height gas grill and still have space to actually cook something. The 21-inch diameter cooking area is actually quite large, so you do have enough space to not only grill up Tuesday night's dinner, but you can entertain with this grill and serve up food for a small party while not using up too much patio space.

This 25,000 BTU grill has the power to heat up its cast iron grates and give you great grilling abilities. One thing to keep a close eye on is the bare cast iron which needs special care.


  • Small, full height gas grill
  • Versatile cooking system
  • Heavy cast iron cooking grate


  • Unprotected cast iron needs extra care
  • Complete side panel has to be removed to access propane tank
  • Fold-out side table is very small
  • Expensive


  • 24,000 BTU maximum output from two main burners
  • 21-inch diameter cooking are (346 square inches)
  • Two circular stainless steel tubular burners in an outer-inner ring configuration
  • Includes a lid for roasting and smoking
  • Slide out, wooden work table
  • Electronic (AA-battery) ignition
  • Propane tank, cover, and other accessories (griddle, pizza stone) sold separately
  • Made in China by Fuego North America Inc.

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Guide Review - Fuego Element 01 Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Fuego started as a design contest, bringing together one of Apple Computer's best innovators with a team of young designers to come up with a new way of looking at the gas grill.

Their first design won awards and was recognized as one of the most unique gas grills on the market. Now, with the Element, Fuego has once again reinvented the gas grill. Designed for simplicity, this pedestal grill has two burners so you have direct and indirect grilling abilities, a completely removable lid for open grilling or roasting and smoking, and a number of accessories like pizza stones and griddles.

The combined output of the two ring burners in this grill is 25,000 BTUs. That is low for a grill this size, but the use of heavy cast iron cooking grates and the proximity of the burners to the cooking surface give this grill a high heat output. Also, the circular design is simply more efficient than a square box. But remember, this is a simple grill that, while versatile, is straightforward in its concept of outdoor cooking. There are many complicated things it won't do, but when it comes to the heart of the matter, grilling, it does a great job.

There is one important word of warning about this grill. The top section of this grill, including the cooking grate is bare cast iron. While this is the perfect metal for holding and conducting heat, it needs special care to prevent it from rusting. I know that a few people have complained about this, but the cost of cast iron is the care. If you are not going to season and care for this grill you really shouldn't pay the money for it.

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