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Are Your Clothes Well Groomed?

fuller clothes brush

I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone who obviously takes great care and pride in their appearance but missed the back of their jacket. The gentleman is clean shaven, every hair in place, necktie knot is straight and the back of his jacket looks like a dog bed of hair and lint. Or, the lady with perfect make-up, stylish hair cut and great jewelry whose jacket has hair clinging to the edges or even make-up powder on the shoulders or lapel.

These folks don't have well groomed clothing. They need to discover the secrets of the clothes brush and the lint brush. Here's a review of the Fuller Clothes Brush.

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Fuller Clothes Brush

The Fuller Clothes Brush has been around since the early 1900s. The brush was especially important in helping clothes last longer and look better when dry cleaning services for wool clothing were not readily available. Brushing clothes helps to remove dust and surface soil. And, if the nap of the fabric is crushed, brushing can restore the heft and remove wrinkles.

The original brushes featured natural bristles and wooden handles. A household often had brushes with soft bristles for delicate fabrics and stiffer bristles for heavy, study fabrics. Clothes were brushed immediately after wearing and hung up to air. This kept the fabric dry and helped remove odors.

Today's Fuller Clothes Brush is made with a special blend of horsehair and nylon bristles with a study plastic handle.

The brush is designed with a curved shape to fit the back and shoulders of a garment. The brush measure 11 inches long and 3-3/8 inches wide. The handle has a handy hanging loop for easy storage.

Fuller Lint Brush

If you find that most of your clothes are lighter weight and frequently washed or dry cleaned, you may just need the Fuller Ultimate Hair and Lint Brush.

This brush has very short and soft bristles that will gently remove light lint, dandruff, dust and hair. It will not snag or damage delicate fabrics.

The Fuller Lint Brush is simple to use, you just brush in the direction of the arrows on the brush. After using, the brush can be cleaned by stroking any dust rag or cleaning cloth in the opposite direction of the arrow.

Made in Canada, the brush is 10-3/4 long and 2-1/4 inches wide. The handle is heavy duty plastic and has a hanging loop on one end. 

The Fuller Brush Company

The Fuller Brush Company was founded in 1906 by Alfred C. Fuller. For decades, the Fuller Brush Man was a welcome visitor to home in both urban and rural areas of the United States. Housewives could buy personal care products like hair brushes, cleaning tools and products that were designed to work, crafted to last and fully guaranteed.

The company has been owned by CPAC since 1969. And while there are still some independent distributors, Fuller Brush products, including Fuller Fullsoft Fabric Softener and The Fuller Dryer Lint Remover Brush are now available online from Amazon and the company website.

Fuller Brands develops, manufactures and markets over 2,700 branded and private label products for commercial cleaning, household cleaning and personal care.

Fuller Brands' three business units also sell these products across North America and internationally through distributors and service providers, catalogs, direct response television, private label arrangements, and direct marketing partners.

Product Review Laundry Recommendation

Both of these products are a must for every laundry room or closet. The clothes brush is perfect for restoring napped fabrics like corduroy, velvet, velveteen and suede. I use my brush on hats, boots, clothes, of course, and on upholstered furniture. The curved shape works wonders on sofa and chair arms and backs. I like to brush the upholstery and then vacuum to remove as much dust as possible.

No one wants to go our with lint or dandruff on shoulders. A quick sweep with the lint brush and you and your clothes will be well groomed!

I keep one in my car because I often get final "linting" around my knees from my dogs as they say goodbye.

Fuller products are available in many department stores or can be ordered online. They are also guaranteed for life.

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