Activities for Kids and Their Families at Chicago Toy and Game Fair

There are so many fun activities for kids and their families to enjoy together. While standing in the toy and game aisles looking at the outside of a box, it can be hard to make a choice. How do you choose the best one?

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is a hands-on way for families to spend time playing together. All of the newest toys, games and activities of the year are under one roof and out of the boxes, ready for everyone to use and play together.

Events like this let families get lost in play...MORE together. They can uncover new favorite toys, games and experiences together, without being limited to the same selection of toys they might find at their usual toy stores.

Before the holiday seasons, kids often see commercials featuring the hottest toys of the season. Children beg their parents for many toys they have never seen in person. Family events like this, where the focus is on the fun and not the sales, lets kids try many new toys before they buy. Maybe they realized that toy they saw on television is still their favorite, but it is entirely possible it could be replaced by something else. 

Weren't able to make it to Chicago? There is no need to miss out on the family fun.

There new fun toys, games and arts and crafts activities are some of the best new items many families enjoyed playing together at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. 

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    My Fairy Garden

    Kids love to dig in the dirt and plant flowers, but the experience is often limited to outdoor weather and the change of seasons. My Fairy Garden sets are dish gardens, but the flowerpot is also a dollhouse. Kids can create their own dish gardens, by watering real seeds in soil that grow into flowers, while also using the toys to create little areas for their fairies.  

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    Pom Pom Wow Decorations
    The Maya Group

    Pom Pom Wow is an addictive craft that will easily have the whole family involved. First, the pom poms arrive encased in a plastic cylinder. Attach the cylinder to anything: a folder, hat, barrette, mirror, or picture frame with a glue dot. Squeeze the cylinder and pull it away to reveal a colorful pom pom. 

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    The Oregon Trail Game
    Goliath Games

    Did you play the Oregon Trail computer game as a child? The computer game is the inspiration for a multiplayer card game. The player who makes the hard decisions, deciding between keeping a wagon mate or a supply could win, as players try to secure safe passage for 1 player the entire length of the Oregon Trail. 

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    Razor Crazy Cart Shift

    The original Crazy Cart is a motorized electric ride-on toy, similar to a go-kart, that kids drive, but also have fun controlling as it drifts side-to-side. The Crazy Cart Shift offers young kids ages 8 and up a driving experience, with simpler controls, with speeds up to 8 miles per hour.  

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    Uncle Milton Death Star Electronics Kits
    Uncle Milton

    Uncle Milton is known for their ant farms, Star Wars toys and science activities. The Death Stars Electronics Lab is an electronic circuit kit, that includes over 20 different experiments and 70 different components. Kids will configure the circuits to activate different light and sound functions of the Death Star such as the super laser and  tractor beam. 


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    Spinmaster Meccano MicroNoids

    Meccano Miconoids are small robots that are built. Then, with push-button programming, the robots will show off their skills to dance to music and walk. These robots also likes interacting with other Micronoid robots.

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    Orbeez Crush Playset
    The Maya Group

    Orbeez are small, different colored beads that expand and grow in water. With Orbeez Crush, small orbeez are crushed, then used to decorate and accessorize pretend treats.

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    Learning Resources Code and Go Mouse Game
    Learning Resources

    Teaching kids how to solve problems and follow sequences, using coding toys, may promote the desire to obtain an engineering degree or STEM career.  With this coding toy, players set up the plastic grids and obstacles, then push the buttons on the mouse in sequence to see if they can find a way for him to get to the cheese.

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    Once Upon a Craft Kit Rapunzel
    Educational Insights

    There are many different Once Upon a Craft Kits for 4-6 year-olds, that are themed around popular storybook favorites like Rapunzel, The Gingerbread Man, The Frog Prince, The Princess and the Pea, and the Ugly Duckling. Kits include a colorful, illustrated storybook and a craft or activity that is inspired by the story.


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    Little Red Riding Hood Game
    Smart Games

    There are dozens of single player SmartGames puzzles or brain teasers to choose from, which are recommended for kids ages 3-100.  In the Little Red Riding Hood teaser, using challenge cards, kids place the pieces on the board, then solve the puzzle by creating a path for Little Red Riding Hood to get to the house. Each puzzle has many different levels of difficulty. Kids can play alone or work together to solve the challenges.


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    Autmoblox Playmonster

    Automoblox are classic wooden toy cars that are collectible and have mix and match parts.  Sets include trucks, race cars, sedans and emergency vehicles. 

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    Happy Salmon Family Card Game
    North Star Games

    Happy Salmon is a high-energy, loud and chaotic family game that is also known as "one minute of crazy." Up to 6 players can play simultaneously. It's perfect for players of all ages who can follow simple commands to high-five, switch places, fist bump, and perform the secret "Happy Salmon" hand shake. Be the first to play all your cards to win.

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    Lionel MegaTracks

    Lionel is known for their collectible train sets. Their new tracks, the Mega Tracks, have a very unique, flexible track system, that can be attached to different surfaces and project cars along the rails at quick speeds through stunts. 

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    Klask Game
    Klask / Marbles the Brain Store

    Klask is a tabletop game that is reminiscent of air hockey, but requires a lot more skill, coordination and strategy.  Using a magnet under the surface of the table, players move their sticks around the surface, aiming to get the white ball in the goal on their opponent's side of the board.

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    Kids need active play in order to stay healthy, and basketball is an easy activity to play, on their own or with friends. Large outdoor hoops are to big to take on-the-go or on family vacations. The Versa-Hoop can not only be customized to a child's color preferences, but it can be packed along on trips to the beach and park, since it has brackets, suction cups and door hooks that allow it to be attached to poles and surfaces. Many people use their Versa-Hoop at the pool, on boats,...MORE playground structures, RV's, and outdoor trampolines.

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    The makers of Fashion Plates and Spirograph, have a new drawing toy, the RotoDraw. For kids who are not able to draw animals on their own, this toy is perfect. Using markers, kids trace inside paths on large, plastic circular discs, then turn the wheel. After tracing through 4 stages, lift the cover and watch their surprise when they see the animal they drew inside.

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    Gosport Discs

    Ogosport discs offer kids a fresh new way to work on their eye-hand coordination while playing ball. The discs are lightweight and have a soft trampoline-like covering that launches the tactile ball back and forth in the air to another player. Discs are easy to pack for a day at the beach or park and can also be used safely indoors.