6 Super-Fun Activity Centers for Baby

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    The Best Stationary Entertainers for Baby

    Best Play Centers and Exersaucers for Baby
    H. Corley

    A play saucer, which is also known as an activity center, stationary entertainer or a stationary play center, helps baby learn to stand while enjoying built-in toys and activities. This type of toy is often referred to as an Exersaucer, which is the brand name of Evenflo's play saucers. Stationary entertainers are safer than baby walkers since they don't let baby wander into danger or fall down stairs. Exersaucers and other stationary play centers offer toys and a swivel seat, but the...MORE play centers below go beyond the basics. Note: Exersaucers and stationary entertainers should only be used once baby has gained head and neck control.

    Not sure which one is right for your baby? Check out my tips for choosing the perfect play saucer.

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    Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun

    Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun

    The makers of the original Exersaucer have made their activity center even more useful for baby with the Triple Fun version. For newborns, a simple play mat with a toy bar is part of the set, which then converts to a traditional-looking saucer once baby gains head and neck control. When baby is standing, the saucer converts to an activity table.

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    Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo Activity Center

    Fisher price Deluxe Jumperoo
    Fisher Price.

    The Jumperoo is the modern incarnation of the doorway jumpers that were so popular a generation ago. The jumping seat is now mounted on springs on its own frame, so there's no risk of falling from a doorway. Jumperoo is available in several themed versions, from rainforest to zoo and forest. Each theme has its own unique toys that go along with it.

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    Little Tikes Discover and Learn Activity Center

    Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center
    Little Tikes.

    This activity center also allows your baby to continue using it after the walking phase begins. The Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center has an adorable train theme, and a battery-powered train zooms around the tray, encouraging baby to move with it. Once your baby graduates from the play saucer phase, you can remove the whole train track and use the train toy on its own.

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    Evenfo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Activity Center

    Evenflo Exersaucer Jump & Learn

    This jumper is unlike any other Exersaucer! The seat is suspended from springy cords, and instead of a saucer at the bottom, there's a bouncy pad that helps baby jump and wiggle. The Jam Session themed Jump & Learn has musical instruments, a toy microphone, and on-board lights and sounds to keep baby entertained for hours.

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    Evenflo Beach Baby Exersaucer

    Evenflo Beach Baby Exersaucer

    The Beach Baby Exersaucer from Evenflo offers loads of fun for baby at a great price. This Exersaucer comes in under $60, and it has three height adjustments on the base, a 360-swivel seat, eight fun toys, a snack tray, a mirror, and a cupholder. The hallmark of the Exersaucer is the rounded base, or saucer, that lets baby tilt and bounce safely while staying in one place.

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    Bright Starts Springin' Safari Bounce-A-Round Activity Center

    Bright Starts Bounce-A-Round Activity Center
    Kids II.

    Instead of having a traditional saucer shape that rocks around, your baby can bounce on the flexible, dome-shaped piece in the base of this activity center. It's like a mini baby trampoline! There are 12 different toys attached at the top, and the seat can turn all the way around, so baby can play with all of the toy options. The seat pad, which is machine-washable, can be adjusted to three different heights to work with your baby. Even better - the whole thing lays flat for storage.