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    Hooray for Quirky!

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Westend61

    Not every child wants to play with a realistic-looking doll. There are some kids who are really drawn to the fantasy aspect of play. For those daughters and sons who turn playtime into a "cosplay" trial run, here is an amazing lineup of magical-looking dolls. These dolls might appear to be "out of this world," but their quirky cuteness will have your daughter gravitating to them time and again.

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    Star Darlings

    Courtesy of JAKKS Pacific

     First up are the Star Darlings. From JAKKS Pacific, these five Disney dolls symbolize the power of wishing upon stars and drawing courage from one's heart. Their mission is to teach young children that when they make positive choices, anything is possible. Think of the Star Darlings as a blending of Jiminy Cricket and Jennifer Lawrence: they are dolls that appeal to your daughter's conscience, sense of fair play, inner strength and fashionable instincts!

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    Santoro's Gorjuss Collection

    Courtesy of Santoro

    One of the highlights of playing with dolls is that they are often a "blank slate" that a child can write upon. A child makes the doll come alive. Unlike when they play with scripted video games, your child is the director, writer and star in this universe. Santoro offers up an incredible vehicle for pretending. Based upon the Gorjuss collection of artwork, these dolls don't have fully formed faces. Gorjuss dolls are free to be anything your child can conjure. Here, "The White...MORE Rabbit" doll is absolutely charming and concerned about punctuality!

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    My Little Pony's Rarity

    Courtesy of Hasbro

    My Little Pony continues its stampede into the hearts and minds of children everywhere (plus those grown-up male Bronies)! Hasbro is unleashing 15 new MLP Equestria Girl Mini dolls, and each one features fabulous fashions, as well as articulated arms and legs for posing. The mini dolls' bright colors signify the Ponies' cheerful and optimistic dispositions. The Equestria Girl Mini dolls that are debuting in spring 2016 are dressed in their signature school attire, like the...MORE "Rarity" doll shown here. They're sassy and stylish--perfect for children aged 5 and up. 

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    My Little Pony's Fluttershy

    Courtesy of Hasbro

     "Fluttershy," one of the extremely popular MLP characters, is the very definition of a fantasy doll. Check out her long pink tresses and her huge Anime-sized eyes. Hasbro calls this range of collectible dolls "fun-sized," and these girls most certainly are. The spring offerings are clad in school costumes. Later editions will showcase the Equestria Girl Mini dolls in additional classroom attire and in dance-themed outfits.

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    Cabbage Patch Kids

    Courtesy of Wicked Cool Toys

     What's cuter than a Cabbage Patch Kid? Probably nothing. This crop of Farm Friend Cuties is slated to hit store shelves in the spring. The CPK gang is dressed up in animal costumes. Each Cutie has its own name, is numbered for collectibility and is very attractively priced--suggested retail price is $9.99. Perfect for boys and girls, as young as 18 months old, the Farm Friends are garbed as roosters, lambs, ducks, cows and pigs. Wicked Cool Toys has done a phenomenal job of presenting these...MORE barnyard buddies in snuggly onesies with adjustable hoods.

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    Lil' Sak from Douglas

    Courtesy of Douglas Toys

     Is it a doll? Is it a purse? Is it a purse doll? You and your little one can be the judge. Douglas Toys, always a playtime innovator, has dreamed up this fabulous blending of a doll and a bag--an ideal solution for little girls who want to appear grown-up, but still want a dollie to tote around. With the Lil' Saks (available as 9-inch-wide Pony Tails, shown here, and 6-inch-wide Pig Tails), little ones can fantasize about being a busy businesswoman on the go, but can still cuddle a super...MORE cute, super sweet doll of their own!