Birthday Card Ideas for Dad

Father and young son hugging on couch.

Maskot / Getty Images

Birthdays are the greatest, aren’t they? Getting fun gifts from your friends and family members, hosting a party (or being surprised with one), and celebrating another year in the books with everyone you care about. It’s no surprise that many people stretch their birthday into a week or month, celebrating all the while.

Anyone celebrating their special day loves to receive gifts, yes, but also heartfelt cards from all of their family and friends. Cards are a great way to show how much you care about a person. When the person celebrating is in your immediate family, cards become even more important. And when that person is your dad, well, excellent birthday cards are just fundamental.

Funny Birthday Cards

You know you’re getting old when you go to an antique auction and three people bid on you. Did we get you? Those are the kind of jokes many dads love. Put a smile on his face this birthday by including a handwritten joke in his birthday card. Get creative and make up your own or find one (or two, or three) on the internet that you know he’ll appreciate. Some favorite jokes for dads include silly puns and sports-related humor. And don’t forget jokes about his age!

  • You know you are getting older when the candles don’t fit on the cake.
  • When is a birthday cake like a golf ball? When you slice it.
  • What goes up and never comes down? Your age!
  • Happy birthday to a dad who’s smart, funny and good looking, from a child who inherited all your best qualities.
  • You did a grape job raisin me. Happy birthday!

Sentimental Messages

When it comes to cards for family members, never be afraid to get sentimental. Loved ones truly appreciate mushy messages that allow them to reminisce on old times and learn how much they are cared about.

In your father’s birthday card, you can include reasons why you love your dad. Let him know how much you love him by writing a message thanking him for everything he does for you. The more specifics you can include, the more sentimental the card will be. Your father will be sure to treasure this sentimental birthday card for the rest of his life.

  • Wishing you a happy birthday this year and always. I love you.
  • I will never forget everything you did for me growing up!
  • Have a great birthday, Dad. So happy we have each other!
  • I love you and appreciate everything you do for our family. Happy birthday!
  • I hope you have the best birthday ever. Let’s go on a camping trip again this summer!
  • Happy birthday! You’re the best dad in the entire world.

Birthday Cards for Father Figures

Perhaps your biological father is not involved in your life. That’s not an uncommon situation. If that’s your case, you should always give a nice card to the father figure or parental figure in your life for their birthday. Those figures have undoubtedly helped you become the person you are today. They deserve recognition, too, even if they aren’t a blood relative.

  • Happy birthday to the hardworking mother who raised me alone.
  • Happy day! I wouldn’t be the person I am without your help.
  • Thank you for everything. Happy to have you in my life.
  • Even though you aren’t my biological father, I consider you my dad. I love you.
  • You deserve the best day ever. Thanks for everything you do for me!
  • Celebrating you today. I love you!
  • Enjoy your special day. I can’t wait to celebrate with you.
  • Thank you for all of your support over the years. I am so glad you’re here!
  • Let’s celebrate together this year! I love you!

Creative Card Ideas for Dad

Add your own creative spin on your Father’s Day card to make it even more special. If you have an affinity for the arts, you can draw or paint on your card. Think of your dad’s favorite hobby and create a masterpiece depicting it. Alternatively, you could draw your dad’s portrait. No matter how your art piece comes out, your dad will be sure to love it.

Paper crafts are always welcome in DIY cards, too. Grab a pile of construction paper, a little glue, and get the whole family involved in the process.