Exploring Fun Bracket Options for Open Shelving in the Kitchen

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    Shelf Brackets are a Fun Way to Jazz Up Open Shelving in the Kitchen


    Open shelves are all the rage right now in kitchen design. Flip through the pages of any magazine or peruse the interior design hashtag (#interiordesign) over on Instagram and you will see this trend displayed over and over again. There is a slew of different aesthetic directions you can go with open shelving, from farmhouse chic' and industrial to modern and sleek. A lot of what drives the finished look of open shelves is the thickness of the shelf, the length of the shelf, the contents...MORE styled atop the shelves and the supports. 

    Shelf supports can really set the style and aesthetic flair of the kitchen, so choosing the right option for your space is important. Like all things, brackets and supports can come in an abundance of styles and price points, so figuring out which direction to go for your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming. But fear not I am here today to introduce you to a few options I am digging right now...

    Let's start with the unique brackets pictured above. I really like the unique cylinder shape of these supports and the black finish really pops against the wooden shelves. Installing unique brackets like this can certainly add instant flair and interest to any kitchen. 

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    Utilizing Industrial Pipes to Liven Up Your Kitchen Shelving

    Industrial Pipe Brackets. lonny.com via Pinterest

    People are utilizing plumbing pipes to create really cool furniture-like pieces throughout the home and now this trend is migrating into the kitchen. Not only are these plumbing pipes securely supporting the open shelving, but they create a cool and unique visual interest on the back wall of this kitchen. One of the great things about this approach is the DIY (do it yourself) possibilities of a concept like this. Plumbing pipe, in various finishes, can be bought and custom cut from local...MORE hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc...) making it relatively simple to incorporate this concept into your own space. 

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    Metal Brackets

    chrislovesjulia.com via Pinterest

    I saw these cool brackets over on the Chris Loves Julia blog and instantly loved the fun detailing they brought to the open shelves. I really like how the bracket wraps around the front of the shelves so the metal detailing can really be seen. The brackets are from BlueStone Shelves and they are only $14.69 which just goes to show you cool does not always equal expensive! 

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    Consider Having Brackets Custom Made

    Melissa Nagle

    Last week I attended the opening party for the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle's Serenbe Showhouse. The company I work for, Bell Kitchen & Bath Studios did all of the custom cabinetry throughout the house, so I was excited to take a peek around. There was loads of inspiration throughout the house but I was really taken aback by the beautiful floating shelves in the basement, specifically those brackets! Like the brackets we just looked at,  they lip on to the front of the shelf, but these...MORE were also recessed into the backsplash which really upped the cool factor of this concept. The lead designer on this project, Melissa Nagle, told me these brackets were from Etsy and were made by a family owned company out of North Carolina called Blue Ridge Metal Works. She said she sent them a sketch of what she had in mind and wah-lah here are the end results. Pretty spiffy, eh?

    Open shelves can add a lot of interest to a kitchen but support those shelves with the right bracket and you have instantly taken your shelving and your kitchen to a whole new level of custom and cool.