Fun Easter Desserts for Kids

It’s time for spring’s pastel-painted holiday and we’ve got some colorful and creative desserts to share. From an Easter basket cake that’s filled with sweet treats to a flock of marshmallow chicks that gather and perch to form a sunflower, these dessert ideas are meant to brighten up your holiday table. Best of all, they are all so easy to make that the kids can surely help to design these delicious creations.  

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    How to Make an Easter Basket Cake

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Make this cake and you won’t need a centerpiece for your Easter dinner table. This delicious creation is chock full of chocolate – from the chocolate cake to the bar sticks that create the outer rim of the basket. Add some marshmallow bunnies and your favorite Easter candy to complete the decadent design. 

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    Flower Garden Cake

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Although this cake was originally intended to be a Mother’s Day cake (complete with pics of her kids posing as the flowers), you can use the basic design to create a springtime garden cake for your Easter celebration. Instead of adding photos to the lollipops, leave them plain, or add floral cutouts of your choice. You can also go with a bunny theme by adding marshmallow peeps and fondant carrots to this garden cake.  

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    Spring Butterfly Cake

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Is there a sight more lovely in spring than that of a fluttering butterfly? This easy to make a cake replica of everyone’s favorite winged insect can be decorated in the colors of your choice. You can even use pastel colors to complement the rest of your Easter decor. 

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    How to Make a Sunflower Cake

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    I have to admit that those yellow, marshmallow chicks are by far my favorite Easter food. This sunflower cake that celebrates a gorgeous flower and features my favorite candy creature seems like a winning choice for any Easter celebration. 

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    Jelly Bean Cupcake Flowers

    Image courtesy of Christine Gauvreau

    Turn ordinary cupcakes into colorful spring blossoms by topping them with a blooming arrangement of another of Easter’s favorite candy selections:  jelly beans. Along with the jelly bean flower cupcakes, find more suggestions for using simple candy decorations to make cupcake flowers. 


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    Egg Nest Desert
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    Kids will love “building” these edible nests – and then filling them with jelly bean or candy eggs! Carroll Pellegrinelli shows us how to make these beautiful bird's nests for Easter dessert. 

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    Easter Bunny Cake

    Easter Bunny Cake
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    Two round cakes, colored frosting, some favorite Easter candy and a decorative touch are all you need to make this Easter Bunny cake featured by Entertaining Expert, Donna Pilato.  

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    Easter Dessert
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    Cooking for Kids expert, Stephanie Gallagher, shares a collection of her best Easter dessert recipes. From the chocolate-egg-topped cupcakes to the lemon pudding cake, the choices are not just kid-friendly, but crowd-pleasing, too!

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    Sugar Cookies
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    Fiona Haynes, Low Fat Cooking expert, brings us a recipe for creating beautiful Easter-themed sugar cookies with less fat than the traditional kind. These cookies are so cute, kids will never even miss the extra calories!


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    Homemade Easter Candy

    Homemade Easter Candy
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    If the Peeps Smores and Easter Bunny truffles aren't enough to make your mouth water, this collection of homemade Easter candy recipes from Elizabeth LaBau also includes how to create homemade versions of traditional holiday treats like marshmallow chicks and creme filled chocolate eggs!  What could be more fun than making your own favorites at home?