Fun Food For Kids

8 Fun Foods for Kids to Make and Eat

When you make food fun for kids, they want to eat it. So these recipes include healthy options as well as treats -- all designed to appeal to even your pickiest eaters.

Many of these recipes are also easy enough for kids to make themselves. So if you enjoy cooking with your kids, or you want to do a special cooking project at the kids' school or camp, these fun kids' food recipes will give you some great ideas.

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    Ice cream cone cup cakes
    Sharon Vos-Arnold/Getty Images

    These ice cream cone cupcakes are everything fun food for kids should be: fun to make, fun to look at and even more fun to eat.

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    Fun Food for Kids - Smores Caramel Apples
    Smores Caramel Apples. Stephanie Gallagher

    Is there any food more fun for kids to eat than caramel apples? Sticky and sweet, caramel apples are one of my kids' favorite foods. And these caramel apples are even more special, because they're rolled in all the flavors of s'mores - graham cracker pieces, mini chocolate chps and marshmallows.

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    Green eggs and ham
    egiss/Getty Images

    Dr. Seuss was a master at making food fun for kids. And this green eggs and ham recipe tries to honor his creativity. It's a basic deviled egg recipe with ham mixed in and topped with pesto. (Click here to see the green eggs and ham recipe video.)

    This recipe makes a fun kids cooking project at school, too. Just bring in hard-boiled eggs, and let the kids have fun creating these green eggs and ham themselves.

    Check out my Pink Yink Ink Drink recipe, too.

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    Fun Food for Kids - Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats
    Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats. Stephanie Gallagher

    Rice crispy treats are the very definition of fun food for kids, and this rice crispy treats recipe is one you won't mind making again and again, because it's made with wholesome peanut butter and brown rice syrup, making it a bit healthier than the classic rice crispy treats.

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    Chex puppy chow
    Wikimedia Commons

    This sweet party mix is one of those fun kids' foods that adults like, too. This recipe is also super easy to make - young kids may need help with the oven.

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    Goldfish in the Pond Rice Cakes Recipe

    Fun Food for Kids - Goldfish Crackers Rice Cakes
    Goldfish in a Pond Rice Cakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    Kids who like playing with their food will enjoy making this fun Goldfish in the pond snack recipe. And even toddlers will enjoy eating this fun food.

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    Yogurt Sundae Recipe

    Yogurt sundae
    Michael Pohuski/Getty Images

    Calcium-rich yogurt is served in fun waffle bowls and topped with ice cream sundae toppings in this easy no-bake recipe even young kids can make.

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    Fun Food for Kids - Dirt Cake
    Dirt Cake. Stephanie Gallagher

    Ever see a preschooler's face when you tell him you're going to make dirt for dessert? It's priceless. This dirt cake is one of those fun kid food recipes that's perfect for special occasions. Want the same idea for an afternoon snack? Check out my dirt dessert cups recipe.

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    Banana Muffins Recipe

    Fun Food for Kids - Banana Muffins
    Banana Muffins. Ross Durant Photography/Getty Images
    These sweet muffins have a crunchy streusel topping that's fun for kids to make -- and eat!