Fun Project and Activities for Tween Girls

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Tweens are imaginative creatures, and girls are especially active. Tween girls love projects, activities, and keeping busy in general. You might find that your tween daughter gets bored on summer break or during the winter holidays. It’s even possible that your busy tween is looking for projects to conquer throughout the year – on weekends, or when friends sleep over. Keeping your tween busy can also be productive and teach valuable lessons about health, safety and the value of exercise.

If your tween daughter is always looking for fun activities, consider the ones below. Some don’t require a whole lot of time to complete, others may require that your daughter invest a little time, thought and planning. Have fun and enjoy!

Fun Activities to Keep Your Daughter Busy

  • Learn to ride a bike. Be sure to emphasize safety and the benefits of exercise and outdoor activities.
  • Start a new club
  • Write a book
  • Write a poem
  • Make a new friend
  • Sketch or paint your family pet
  • Write in your journal every day. Journaling can help your tween deal with stress and prioritize her goals and time.
  • Create a fitness routine to do every day
  • Try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by doing something cool
  • Make a homemade gift for a friend or a neighbor
  • Write a play and get your friends to produce the show
  • Think up dinner menus for a week and then make them and freeze them for your family. Be sure to focus on nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating.
  • Create your own comic strip
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Start a blog
  • Find a job and then save up for something special
  • Create a scrapbook for you and your friends
  • Read three novels that you’ve never read before
  • Teach yourself a foreign language
  • Teach yourself how to crochet or sew. Make something simple such as a scarf or a pillow
  • Volunteer at your local library
  • Do something thoughtful for every member of your family
  • Tutor a younger child
  • Redecorate your room using items you already own
  • Visit a thrift store and find something for all of your friends. Then have a lunch party and give them their gifts
  • Write a story about your family pet, create a video about it and upload it to Youtube
  • Train for a 5K race. Research safe training techniques as well as how to set goals and stay healthy.
  • Set a summer goal and then work every day to make it happen
  • Learn about three different professions that you might want to be when you grow up
  • Make a spoof of your favorite television show. Video tape it and then show it to your family on family movie night
  • Cheer up a family member who is in the dumps
  • Find out how mascara is made
  • Figure out how to help your parent’s cut their electricity bill, then develop a plan to do it
  • Clean out your collection of stuffed animals and donate the ones you no longer want to charity
  • Get a head start on the new school year by figuring out what you’d like to change about yourself, and then do it
  • Make a list of all the things you love about your family. Share them at a family dinner
  • Host a science fair for your friends. Give them an invite to the fair, and pass out goody bags to all who participate
  • Invite your friends over for a formal dinner party. Pick the menu and then prepare the meal yourself
  • Make a mobile of the universe. First do the research online, then use recycled items to create the planets and the sun
  • Research fashions from different decades. Find out examples and create a scrapbook that shows how fashion has changed. Find out how society influenced fashion
  • Pick a famous woman from history and research her life. Find out about her accomplishments and then write a biography of her
  • Organize a backyard Olympics for your and your friends. Offer medal and, cold drinks and then have a barbecue to end the ceremony