11 Fun, Funky and Designer Cocktail Shakers

Shake It up in Style

Standard cocktail shakers are a great tool to have in the bar, but sometimes you want something with a little more style and these cocktail shakers are definitely filled with panache.

The great thing about the cocktail shaker is that it is the perfect item for the innovative designer to play with and there have been shakers in almost any design imaginable. Some are works of art as much as they are bartending tools and others are just plain fun.

While these shakers have a great visual appeal, they...MORE are also meant to function. Some of them do a better job of that than others, and a few are probably best left as shelf decor -- really cool decor, mind you.

A number of these at the top of the list are also designed by today's best designers and their prices reflect that aspect. Toward the bottom, you will find shakers that reflect the by-gone days of another era in the cocktail scene and are either vintage or have a retro inspiration.

There is such a variety out there to explore and, as any bartender knows, you can never have just one!

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