Easy Ways to Make Halloween Fun Not Frightening for Your Kids

Halloween activities for kids don't have to include squishy eyeballs and lurking monsters. Have a howling good time without the spine-tingling chills that give children nightmares. Try some of these fun Halloween activities that your kids are going to love.

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    Host a Halloween Party

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    Throw a kid-friendly Halloween party that screams fun not fright. An inexpensive party is one of those Halloween activities for kids that don't have to be scary. A party can be a hit without scaring your wallet too. Themed games, music and crafts are just some of the Halloween activities for kids to use at your party.

    If you're worried about ghouls and goblins showing up, include a line on your party invitation that encourages family-friendly costumes. A simple, "No scary costumes, please," should make your message clear. Or skip costumes altogether and tell your partygoers ahead of time to wear their play clothes. For kids, any clothes are the right clothes for a party.

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    Watch a Kid-Friendly Halloween Movie Together

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    Turn off the porch light and don't answer the door. Enjoy a quiet evening with your family on the couch. Make your family movie night an event with everything from movie tickets to a concession stand. Then settle in for a night of non-scary Halloween movies.

    If your kids are a bit older, watch Halloween movies with a dash of scare to them. Just be sure to watch those movie ratings so you're not the one who's frightened when the kids see something they're not supposed to. The trick is to use this night as a quality time treat, whether you're watching cartoons or something a bit edgier.

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    Make Halloween Crafts

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    Get festive with fun Halloween crafts. Make a ghost and pumpkin tree that's a perfect decoration indoors or out. Turn your windows into a giant pumpkin with a DIY Halloween window decoration using orange tissue paper and posterboard. Skip the boring orange plastic pumpkin candy pails and help your children create a ghost candy bag or a pumpkin treat bag from household items.

    There are so many Halloween craft possibilities at your fingertips that you could start October 1 and still not get through them all. And don't be afraid to take a more general approach to your decorations. By not being so Halloween specific with carved pumpkins and spooky scarecrows on the front lawn, you can use fall-themed decorations that will last you to Thanksgiving. Get the kids involved in the crafting and turn them into your personal designers for this activity.

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    Bake Halloween Snacks

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    Parents cringe at the thought of all that Halloween candy sugar packed into their children's teeth. Use a variety of tactics to limit Halloween treats. Start by making your own goodies with your kids. Spend time in the kitchen together preparing chocolate mice, Halloween spider cupcakes, scarecrow cupcakes, pumpkin bread or other Halloween recipes for kids. Finish off with healthy Halloween treats.

    Not only does a cooking activity put you more in control of what your children are eating, but it's also a great way to spend time together. That's a nice bonus any day of the year, not just at Halloween.

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    Find Trick-Or-Treating Alternatives

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    Sending your kids to a stranger's house to ask for candy is worrisome for any parent. Even in your own neighborhood with you tagging along, you probably still have your guard up as your child cheerfully runs toward that doorbell.

    Take the fright out of your night with trick-or-treating alternatives. You'll keep your kids from going door to door but your options add even more fun to everyone's Halloween plans, you included.

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    Enjoy Fall Season Activities

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    Bypass Halloween activities for kids and go straight into fall fun. If you're not a fan of Halloween to begin with, celebrate a new season with children's activities that usher in the first days of fall instead. Make crafts, start family traditions and find new ways to play together when the season changes.

    Begin long before Halloween and keep the good times going until winter knocks on your door. You don't have to have a holiday in mind to find a good reason to play with the kids.