10 Fun Needlepoint Projects to Jumpstart Stitching in 2016

Start Fresh Stitching in 2016 with These 10 Needlepoint Projects

Houseplant Appreciation Day Needlepoint Chart-Day 10
Houseplant Appreciation Day Needlepoint Chart-Day 10. Althea DeBrule - Licensed to About.com

2016 is an opportunity to start fresh with 10 quick and easy needlepoint projects that are delightful and fun to stitch. Choose basic needlepoint stitches or fast-working ones as well as a combination of the two to complete the fun needlepoint designs. Each simple design is rich with creative possibilities—just use your imagination as you prepare to stitch.

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    Use these two needlepoint patterns to stitch a Cardinal and a colorful exotic bird. Experiment with a few straight as well as Bargello needlepoint stitches, some textured threads and a few beads and other embellishments to make the birds look like the real things.

    Each bird can be completed in one evening or less; and as you work on them, think about all the creative items you can make with the finished needlepoint.

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    Make the next project you stitch this super easy Happy New Year needlepoint design. I know you have leftover thread from holiday projects that can be used to complete this project. Plan on spending two to four hours from initial preparation to placement of the last stitch!

    Enlarge the height of the design just a bit to turn the completed needlepoint into a 3.5-inch square shape that can be finished into a beverage coaster you can use all year long.

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    Simple Houseplant Needlepoint Project

    Houseplant Appreciation Day Needlepoint Chart-Day 10
    Houseplant Appreciation Day Needlepoint Chart-Day 10. Althea DeBrule - Licensed to About.com

    Houseplants are perfect for growing an inside garden at the beginning of a new year. The 3.5-inch by 2.86-inch needlepoint fern planted in a traditional clay pot is just what’s needed to stitch by a cozy fireplace. Counting the stitches of this needlepoint chart is so simple and easy, you can work the project while commuting or during annoying TV commercials.

    Use decorative needlepoint stitches to make the fern leaves, and the continental stitch for the rest of the project. In very small areas...MORE like the band on the clay pot, you can use the half-cross stitch.

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    Bag of Buttery Popcorn Needlepoint Project

    National Popcorn Day Free Needlepoint Chart-Day 19
    National Popcorn Day Free Needlepoint Chart-Day 19. © Althea DeBrule - Licensed to About.com

    Popcorn lovers who needlepoint will enjoy stitching this fun project. Kernels of the yummy buttery snack stuffed in a classic popcorn bag make this 3.5-inch square design an adventure in easy-to-work needlepoint stitches.

    Make multiple copies of the needlepoint project and finish them into coasters for a game or theater room. The completed popcorn needlepoint pieces also make great housewarming and special occasion gifts.

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    Sassy Feet Needlepoint Design

    Stitch a pair of sassy feet with this hilarious needlepoint design. Although charted for 13-mesh canvas, it would cause a sensation stitched on 5-mesh rug canvas and finished into door mat, wall-hanging or needlepoint pillow.

    Use your favorite needlepoint stitches, threads and canvas to finish the project in record time. Change colors to match a bath or bedroom; or simply work them in gray and black shades as charted.

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    Decadent Chocolate Cake Needlepoint Project

    Calling all chocolate loving needlepointers! Here’s a decadent chocolate cake you can stitch and enjoy to your heart’s content without the anxiety of eating a bite of it. With nimble fingers and regular needlepoint supplies, the chocolate cake can be completed in a few hours. Use your imagination when selecting decorative and textured threads and embellishments for this fun needlepoint project.

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    Jigsaw, Crossword & Cube Puzzle Needlepoint Designs

    Turn three ordinary puzzles into something special with jigsaw, crossword and cube puzzle needlepoint projects that can be whipped up in the first week or two of 2016. Finish them into decorative items that can be given to family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions. Change colors as needed and add a needlepoint monogram to further personalize the fascinating projects.

What better way to begin the New Year than with 10 exciting needlepoint projects that can be completed in a few evenings or less. Whether you are an accomplished needlepointer or a beginner, if you stitch just one of these projects, you’ll become addicted and want to complete them all!