30 Fun Spring Activities to Do With Your Kids

Mother and daughter blowing bubbles on a spring day.
Photo © Bill Holden/Getty Images

As the days get warmer, take advantage of the opportunity to bond with your kids outdoors and enjoy some springtime activities together. Here are 30 fun spring activities you won't want to miss:

  1. Take a walk in the sunshine. After a long, cold winter, it feels great to get some exercise and let the sun shine on your face.
  2. Blow bubbles outside.This was always one of my kids' favorite activities. Try experimenting with wands of different sizes!
  1. Plant a flower garden. This is a great-grandparent activity, too.
  2. Dance outside in the rain. Grab your kids' rain boots, rain jackets, and have a blast!
  3. Ride bikes. Always a kid favorite, this is a great exercise for adults, too!
  4. Draw with sidewalk chalk. Try writing each other's names or drawing springing flowers.
  5. Read a book together outside. Choose a favorite you've always enjoyed together, or try something new.
  6. Make a simple bird feeder. This isn't too difficult, even if you've never picked up a hammer before. And seeing the birds come back year after year extends the fun!
  7. Play badminton or tennis. From playing "just for fun" to getting in a serious game or two, this is another way to connect and increase your physical activity.
  8. Decorate Easter eggs. Experiment with different methods, from swirling your eggs to coloring them with crayons.
  9. Participate in a spring clean-up day in your local community. Volunteering together is a great way to connect with your kids while giving back to the community—and having fun!
  1. Make a collage of all the things you'd like to do together this season. This is a perfect rainy day activity for young kids, and it gets the conversation started about what you'd like to do together once the weather cooperates.
  2. Make personalized garden stones. Paint your names or create your own designs. From color-coordinated to all-out-crazy, this is a fun way to express your family's creativity.
  1. Clean and spruce up your outdoor toys. Get ready for the fun you're going to have this spring by getting all your gear in order.
  2. Plant a butterfly garden. Plant butterfly favorites and then enjoy watching them all summer long!
  3. Go hiking in the mountains. Pack a lunch and make a day of it!
  4. Play hopscotch ... and other "old fashioned" outdoor games.
  5. Purchase a hanging plant to display outdoors. Let your kids help you pick a winner!
  6. Tackle a spring cleaning project together. From cleaning the kids' closets and gathering hand-me-downs and donations, to tackling the basement or garage, spring the perfect time to get projects done together.
  7. Visit a botanical garden. This is another way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors together. While you're there, see if they offer any special programs for kids during the summer months.
  8. Take a bicycle safety course together. Doing this together will your kids will increase your comfort level in their riding skills, and ensure that they're well equipped to practice safety best practices.
  9. Plant a vegetable garden with some unusual veggies. There's no better way to get your kids to try new vegetables at home!
  10. Have a picnic. Pack all your favorites, from salads to sandwiches, and special kid-friendly drink concoctions.
  1. Eat strawberry shortcake. The strawberries are looking a little better every week! 
  2. Run in the sprinkler on a hot day. Kid favorite. (And that's all there is to say about that one!)
  3. Bring an easel outside and let your kids finger paint. Kids love to get messy while being creative. And when you can enjoy it outdoors, the clean up is easy.
  4. Play tag. Here's another fun way to get your exercise! If you track your steps on a fitness tracker, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how many you get in with just a game or two!
  5. Make fresh salsa or gazpacho. Fresh is best! Let your kids help you make it, and serve it as a meal.
  6. Visit a nature preserve. Bring your camera, too!
  7. Make a wind chime. Then enjoy listening to the sound as you fall asleep each night.