Fun Family Activities to Enjoy in September

A family playing in the leaves

LWA / Dann Tardif / Getty Images

Everyone's settling into a back-to-school routine, but your family still has plenty to do outside of school. As we transition from summer to fall, enjoy these fun things to do in September with your kids.

Sneak in Last-Minute Summer Activities

The dog days of summer are coming to a close. Before the weather forces you and your family to play indoors, sneak in some last-minute summertime activities. Enjoy creative outdoor painting, throw a bubble party and go on an adventure with other nature activities for families.

Dive Into Fall Activities

The days are turning cooler, and sweaters are starting to make their appearance in your family's wardrobe. Gear up for the change of seasons with fall fun for kids of all ages. Start new traditions, learn together and, of course, play, play, play.

Embrace Winter Fun

On those days when Old Man Winter is tapping on your door, and you just want to stay inside, embrace winter fun and keep the kids entertained. It may be too early to play in the snow, but you can still turn your house into a movie theater, play restaurant, create a website together or enjoy fun learning activities.

Pick Halloween Costumes

This year, why don't you all dress up for Halloween? Pick out your family's Halloween costumes now so you'll be ready to host a Halloween party or have fun Halloween night.

Baby Safety Month

Keeping your baby safe is the goal of the annual Baby Safety Month, sponsored by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Whether you're baby-proofing your home, buying a car seat, choosing a crib or following the safety guidelines to reduce the risk of SIDS, use this month to educate yourself on how to keep baby safe and happy while showing your older children how they can help out too.

Classical Music Month

Beethoven or Bach? Introduce your children to classical music during this month's celebration. Sharing music with your kids is a gift that keeps giving to them throughout their lifetime. Through kids' music classes and other music activities, you can open a whole new world of appreciation up to your children.

National Piano Month

Tickle the ivories. If you've wanted your kids to learn how to play the piano, there's no better time than right now. Find a piano teacher or give it a go yourself to teach kids piano basics.

Library Card Sign-Up Month

Stop letting the kids use your library card and help them get their own. The American Library Association holds Library Card Sign­­­­­­-­­Up Month every year to get parents to bring their kids to the library. A library card is a key to more than just books, and it's the best card anyone can ever carry.

Read a New Book Month

Now that your children have their very own library card put it to good use. Take them to the library to pick out a new book to read during Read a New Book Month. There are plenty of great children's books to read in September or make your own twist on the celebration by challenging your kids to read a new book a day during the month.

National Courtesy Month

Teaching kids how to be courteous is a great lesson in manners. Not only will you raise kids who are courteous to others, but you'll also raise kids who are thankful.

National School Success Month

With the kids back in school, there's no better time to encourage them to do well. Help elementary school students prepare for a great academic year and get your tweens and teens on-board too. Of course, your role is important so make sure you're taking all of the right steps to make your children succeed in school. Success doesn't just come from the classroom. Bring it home with learning activities you can do with your children and try fun science experiments in your kitchen.

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Eye safety is a valuable lesson to share with your kids. It's also important for you to watch for the signs of vision problems in kids. Couple these together and you have the mission of Children's Eye Health and Safety Month.

Better Breakfast Month

Who doesn't want to eat a better breakfast? Get the whole family involved in cooking a better breakfast together during Better Breakfast Month. Try healthy breakfast recipes that don't have to be elaborate ordeals to prepare. Fast and easy breakfasts are just as yummy and nutritious.

National Chicken Month

Cluck! Cluck! It's National Chicken Month. Spend time cooking with your kids to prepare a top chicken breast recipes or make chickens in an egg, soda pop bottle poultry or light bulb chick crafts.

National Honey Month

Yum! It's National Honey Month. Get the kids in the kitchen for some sweet fun together. Make honey recipes, talk about how honey gets its color, how bees make honey and anything else honey-related to tie in with the month's theme.

National Rice Month

National Rice Month is a celebration of rice and its contribution to the U.S. economy. Honor the grain by cooking up some fried rice, saffron rice or coconut rice recipes.

National Sewing Month

National Sewing Month is the perfect time to teach your kids how to sew. Make simple pot holders, pillow covers or try to sew kids' clothes together. Don't know how to sew? That's okay. Learn how to sew together--one stitch at a time.

Women of Achievement Month

Show your kids the important roles women have played in history. Work your way through the index of women's biographies or start with learning about women's rights. Make it a daily lesson for you and your kids to see what happened today in women's history.

National Pediculosis Prevention Month

No one wants to talk about these nasty buggers but, chances are, your kids will be exposed to them at some point in their lives. Treating kids for head lice does not rank on the fun meter at all. Knowing what to look for and how to treat it can be a big relief for you. For your kids, they can learn what to spot so they can do everything they can to avoid lice. It's not a 100 percent preventative, but every extra step you and your kids can take to avoid lice will save the whole family a lot of "head" aches.