Family Activities for the Month of March

Little boy at the park in March weather
Maahoo Studio / Stocksy United

This is an exciting time of year. 'Old Man Winter' is starting to hibernate and spring is just around the corner. It's a great time to find fun things to do with your family in March so you can make lifelong memories with your children.

Celebrate Spring

The temperatures are starting to climb so you may be ready to take the kids outdoors and enjoy some spring season activities together. Each change of seasons brings fun new activities to enjoy regardless of the weather. On those days winter is still clinging to your city, take advantage of those final chances to enjoy winter activities with your family.

Music in our Schools Month

Funding for music programs in schools continues to get cut as education budgets are slashed each year. The National Association for Music Education raises awareness of the importance of music in our schools every March through Music in Our Schools Month. Use this time to share music with your children. Teach your children music appreciation with music activities just for them. Even babies and toddlers can enjoy music through music classes children of all ages.

Youth Art Month

The National Art Education Association began Youth Art Month in 1961 to encourage everyone to support all school art programs. Let your kids try creative outdoor painting, learn to draw cartoons or create art projects based on their choice of materials. Be sure to display your children's artwork when they're finished.

National Nutrition Month

Yum! It's National Nutrition Month and it's the perfect time to teach your children about healthy eating habits. Take a look at kids' fast food facts to see the numbers behind those convenient meals in a box. Use health and nutrition printables to help your children learn about eating vegetables, taking good care of themselves and more.

National Craft Month

Kids love crafts. Try a new craft project together during National Craft Month. From creating collages to candle making, it doesn't matter what you do or how good it turns out. All that matters is the quality time you get to spend with your children.

Women's History Month

Both boys and girls can benefit from learning about Women's History Month. Use themed printables to introduce kids to powerful women in history.

American Red Cross Month

Help kids understand the rich history and the importance of the American Red Cross. Younger children can learn important safety tips, such as how to call 911, how to avoid dog bites and home fire safety. Teens can also enroll in a Red Cross babysitting course to prepare for babysitting jobs.

Frozen Food Month

Yes, there really is an entire month devoted to frozen foods. Learn about the history of frozen foods with your children. Not a fan of the frozen food aisle? Make recipes to fill your freezer and let your kids help you in the kitchen.

National Noodle Month

What better way to have fun with your family in March than celebrating some noodles. Serve up some of the best noodle recipes or simply make noodle crafts with your children. It's National Noodle Month so use your noodle to come up with some silly ways to celebrate this sometimes hard, sometimes curly, sometimes wiggly pasta favorite.