Family Activities for the Month of March

Little boy at the park in March weather

Maahoo Studio / Stocksy United

The month of March can be an exciting time of year. "Old Man Winter" is starting to go into hibernation, and spring is just around the corner. Depending on your location in the country, the weather can be hit or miss—in some places, the temperatures are creeping toward summer levels, while other locales are still getting hit with snow. Turn to the calendar to figure out what's going on during the month, and then use those celebrations as the basis for a fun family activity.

Music in Our Schools Month

The National Association for Music Education raises awareness of the importance of music in our schools every March through Music in Our Schools Month. Use this time to share music with your children at home, too.

  • Attend a musical at a local children's theatre, and introduce your kids to the world of musical theatre.
  • Put on music from different genres and hold an at-home dance party.
  • Attend a mommy-and-me music class that introduces young ones to harmonicas, tambourines, maracas, and drums.

Youth Art Month

The National Art Education Association began Youth Art Month in 1961 to encourage everyone to support all school art programs. You can also encourage creativity through artwork at home during the month of March.

  • Let your kids try creative outdoor painting. Be sure to display your children's artwork when they're finished.
  • Visit a local art museum or gallery and discuss what piece of artwork is each family member's favorite.
  • Check out books on drawing from the library, whether it's anime or classic comic strips, and practice your drawing skills.

National Nutrition Month

It's National Nutrition Month, meaning it's the perfect time to teach your children about healthy eating habits. Use health and nutrition printables to help your children learn about eating vegetables, taking good care of themselves and more.

  • Host a fruit and vegetable taste-test by cutting up colorful produce and trying each piece to see which is each person's favorite.
  • Explore ethnic cuisine by cooking a special meal from another culture together for dinner.
  • Ask your kids to draw their favorite fruit or vegetable to create a gallery of healthy foods.

Women's History Month

Both boys and girls can benefit from learning about Women's History Month. Encourage kids to understand the various roles women have played throughout history.

  • Do science experiments that illustrate the principals discovered or researched by female scientists.
  • Create a scrapbook that celebrates all the women in your family's lineage with photos and journaling about how they have contributed to both your family and society.
  • Research how women lived 100 years ago, including how they dressed, what sort of jobs they held or roles they played in society, and what they legally were and were not able to do. Discuss how women's lives differ today.

American Red Cross Month

Help kids understand the rich history and the importance of the American Red Cross while also teaching them how to keep both themselves and their belongings safe.

  • Teach young children important safety tips, such as how to call 911, how to avoid dog bites, and how to get out of a house that's on fire.
  • Enroll a teen in a Red Cross babysitting course to prepare for babysitting jobs.
  • Learn about what the American Red Cross does in the U.S. and make a family donation to support a cause.