Fun Ways to Celebrate Presidents' Day

Make a Day Off from School Into a Day of Learning

Close Up at Washington Portrait on a US Dollar Bill
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Presidents' Day is more than a day off from school; it’s a day intended to celebrate two of the most influential presidents of the United States, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Originally known as Washington's Birthday, President's Day (later Presidents' Day) has become an occasion to honor these two and other American heads of state. Since the day is now called to celebrate the presidency in general, here are some fun ways to observe and learn about the office of president and the lives of the men who have held the title.

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    Discover What Presidents' Day Means

    This interesting article not only gives some of the history behind this holiday but also provides some ideas of where you can go to celebrate and think more about the history of the day. Our national parks are perfect places to understand the power and responsibility of the presidency. In fact, it was President Theodore Roosevelt who created the land conservancy program that gave us our national parks.

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    Take a U.S. Presidents Trivia Quiz

    This 11-question quiz is designed for all knowledge levels, from easy to expert. You just might find that your young student is the expert when it comes to presidential trivia.

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    Write a Letter to the President

    It is a great activity for older children and will get them thinking on a deeper level about the problems that the United States faces. It's also a good way to practice letter-writing skills. Talk with your child about something she would like to see changed in the nation. What does she see is fair and unfair about life in the United States? Help her write a respectful letter to the President of the United States expressing her views.