Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Lego Duplo Sets

Your child loves to build things, but isn't old enough for Lego. What do you do? Simple, you look for an age appropriate Duplo set! Duplo sets come in lots of themes, including superheroes, Disney princesses, Doc McStuffins, Miles from Tomorrowland, Minnie, Sofia the First and Cars. Up for review today are two kits created under the Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse umbrella. Both sets are perfect for ages two through five.

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    Duplo's Mickey's Workshop Playset

    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Workshop
    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Workshop. Lego

    Mickey's Workshop, product number 10829, comes in a small box that holds eighteen pieces. These pieces can be put together in all sorts of ways. The box shows you four examples, but the options are as endless as your imagination.

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    Mechanic's At The Ready

    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Workshop
    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Workshop. Lego

    Mickey's Workshop building play set lets you build a red sports car with wheels that move. If it needs repair, just pull it into the garage and give your Mickey the provided wrench to fix it up!  Hungry? Mickey's Workshop has a brick with two super tasty looking sandwiches that are ready for Mickey to devour.  Set up shop on a yellow brick and he can enjoy them in a relaxing setting. Make your own store front using the awning and other brick signage.   Fun accessories like a yellow cone will keep your other Duplo figures safe from harm as Mickey works on his car. 

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    Duplo's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Parade

    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Parade
    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Parade. Lego

    Mickey and Minnie are getting in on the fun in the Birthday Parade set, product number 10597. With a total of twenty four pieces, this set also has many ways to play. The Minnie and Mickey figures are very cute. Mickey wears a tux and Minnie wears a real fabric pink skirt.

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    Happy Birthday To You

    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Parade
    Lego Duplo Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Parade. Lego

    This set comes with three wheeled building blocks that allow you to create a train with moving wheels. Decorative blocks have images of numbers and presents and are stackable on any of the train cars. One cute element is the birthday cupcake. This is the perfect set for your birthday girl or boy! 

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    Even More To Collect

    Disney Princesses- Duplo Style
    Disney Princesses- Duplo Style. Lego

    Create your own little town by adding more Duplo sets to your collection. Below are some of my favorites from Disney themed Duplo sets from some of the hottest Disney properties around! 

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    Doc McStuffins

    Lego Duplo Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulence
    Lego Duplo Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulence. Lego

    Doc McStuffins is represented in two super cute Duplo sets. Product number 10605 is Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulance. This building set contains 16 pieces and includes a Doc figure! Dress Up Daisy is featured on a brick. Oh, no. It looks like she's hurt her leg. Thank goodness Doc has Rosie to get to her quickly. 

    Doc Mcstuffins Backyard Clinic, product number 10606, makes a great partner to the Rosie set. It includes 39 pieces, which makes for a lot of active play.

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    Miles From Tomorrowland

    Miles From Tomorowland Lego/Duplo Space Hanger
    Miles From Tomorowland Lego/Duplo Space Hanger. Lego

    Miles from Tomorrowland, like Doc McStuffins, also has two sets for kids to enjoy. In the Miles Space Adventure building set, product number 10824, you get Miles, Blodger and twenty three pieces. It has a rolling piece that you can build on and a cool slide!

    Miles Stellosphere Hanger, product number 10826, is slightly more advanced with forty four pieces. Not only do you get Miles, but you get Merc, as well. It has a space ship element that allows you to place a character in it and fly them around. It's a neat little set, that's for sure. 

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    Sofia the First

    Sofia the First Lego Duplo Royal Stable
    Sofia the First Lego Duplo Royal Stable. Lego

    Minimus and Sofia are featured in this thirty eight piece building set. With Sofia the First's Royal Stable, product number 10594, you can build the stable and hurdles to make sure Sofia is at the top of her game during flying equestrian events. Among the colorful purple bricks is one with carrots on it so you can feed Minimus after a good practice.

    No Sofia the First world would be complete without her Royal Castle, product number 10595. Clocking in at eighty seven pieces, it comes with a Sofia, Amber and Clover figure to add to the fun! 

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    Disney Princesses

    Lego Duplo Disney Princess Collection
    Lego Duplo Disney Princess Collection. Lego

    The royals are out to play in this three princess box set featuring Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel. Product number 10596, the Disney Princess Collection, includes sixty three pieces. You can recreate Snow White's cottage, Cinderella's Castle and Ariel's undersea ballroom.

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