Increase the Functionality of Your Blind Corner Cabinet

Many kitchens are plagued with a space in their kitchen that is far from functional. Some may refer to this area as the dead corner, the reach-in corner, the occasional-use-item-storage-corner, or for many frustrated homeowners, the store-your-things-that-you-never-want-to-see-again-corner. In the kitchen and bath industry, this space is known as the blind corner. 

For years this area of the kitchen was nothing more than a giant dark cave, but today there are many solutions on the market to help...MORE you optimize the use of corner storage in your kitchen.

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    LeMans Corner Pull-out

    LeMans Corner Storage System. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    The LeMans unit from Kessebohmer was named after the race track in France for its shape. It's inherited name around the design office is the "Peanut" or "Bean". Whatever you want to call it, it is one of my favorites. 

    Its pull-out swivel motion rolls out like butter along the tracks. The rounded shape of the shelves allows for various types of storage from mixing bowls, pots, and pans to food. It also has slip resistant shelves with a side railing so items don't slide or...MORE fall off the edges.

    To see the LeMans in action  Watch the LeMans video.  

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    Half Lazy Susan Shelves

    Blind Lazy Susan Unit | Blind corner storage. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    Many cabinet manufacturers have units available to fit a blind corner cabinet. Rev-A-Shelf is one of the major manufacturers (and one of my personal favorites) who makes this unit. It can be made of wood or plastic with 2 half-moon or half circles that glide along a side pole.  Most shelves operate individually and can be pulled half way or all the way out. Some also swivel out toward the user. These are nice units and are in most cases, the least costly option.

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    Magic Corner 1 - It Really is Magic

    Magic Corner Kitchen Blind Corner Storage Solution. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    Can you say "corner cabinet eye candy"? 

    Made from chrome rails, its shiny and industrial/contemporary look is sure to catch the attention of most consumers. It is a genius solution to bring kitchen items into full visibility.This unit features shelves attached to a swing out door, that when opened, pulls interior shelves toward the open portion of the cabinet. 

    In the recent years, the design has been improved to include a soft-close feature. While this feature helps with noise, the truth...MORE is when shelves are stocked full you still get clanking noises with all metal organizers. 

    For more information on this unit Watch the Magic Corner I video.

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    Magic Corner II

    An upgrade of the Magic Corner, the Magic Corner II brings full accessibility with 2 independent roll-out shelves that pull out after being brought to the open portion of the cabinet. This type of accessibility brings about a whole new level of organizational opportunities to the blind corner. 

    To see how it works Watch the Magic Corner II video. Pretty nifty! Even the guy in the video is impressed!

Talk to your cabinet professional about what is available and what will fit within your plan. There are some major cost differences between these models, so be realistic about what you are willing to spend. If you are retrofitting in an existing cabinet, take careful dimensions of the unit you are interested in to see if it will work for you. Find the specs and installation instructions online. Installing these is not an easy task, so find a patient installer. Now have a glass of wine for a cabinet that will never again be a dumping ground for unwanted appliances or holiday ware. Use those corners to your organizational advantage!