Funeral Etiquette

Can I only wear black? What should I say to the family? Here we provide our advice on etiquette at funerals and wakes.
comfort during a time of grief
How to Express Sympathy When Someone Dies
Closeup portrait of one sad calico maine coon cat face lying on bed in bedroom room, looking down, bored, depression, woman hand petting head
How to Show Sympathy When Someone Loses a Furry Friend
Two people with both hands entertwined
How to Support Someone If You Cannot Attend a Funeral
Bereaved young woman in black taking flowers to grave
Learn the Dos and Don'ts of Attending the Funeral of Your Ex
writing a sympathy letter
What to Say When the Father of Someone You Know Dies
Cuisine Culinary Buffet Dinner Catering Dining Food Celebration
Learn How to Plan and Host a Post Funeral Reception
Man holding a white rose in front of urn at funeral
How to Behave and What to Expect at a Funeral
Celebration of life
Show Your Respects With a Celebration of Life
Funeral service
How to Deal with Rude People at Funerals
teddy bear, muffins, flowers, and a card
6 Things to Consider When Sending a Sympathy Gift
frozen rose close up
What to Expect and How to Act When Attending a Memorial Service
Consoling friends
10 Things to Do if You Can’t Attend a Funeral
Close-Up Of Clothes Hanging At Store
Dressing Appropriately at a Funeral for Men, Women, and Children
Comforting Hands
How to Thank People After a Funeral
Mother consoling daughter sitting on a bed
Too Late to Send a Sympathy Note?
Family giving their last goodbyes at the cemetery
Etiquette Questions You Need Answered Before Attending a Funeral
People in a church pew
Details and Tips for What to Do During a Funeral Visitation or Wake
Supporting someone mourning
How to Express Sympathy for a Tragic Death
sample thank you note for receipt of funeral flowers
How to Write a Thank You Note After a Funeral
Wreath and grave decorations in a gardener shop
Points to Consider Before You Send Funeral Flowers
women and child at a funeral
What Pictures You Should Never Post from a Funeral
7 Funeral Etiquette Tips
Funeral flowesr
Are Flowers Always Appropriate for Funerals?
Funeral with casket carried by coffin bearer
What is Expected of a Pallbearer
Widow in cemetary
Etiquette for Widows and Widowers: Dating, Remarriage, and More
Consoling during afuneral
Kind Words to Say to the Family of the Deceased
Funeral visitation
What Is a Visitation Before a Funeral or Memorial Service?
writing a sympathy letter
How to Express Sympathy When the Mother of a Friend or Coworker Dies
Mother and Baby at a Funeral
These Are the Reasons to Consider When Bringing a Baby to Funeral Services
black dress on a hanger
How Not to Dress for a Funeral
writing out a memorialization letter
How to Make a Memorial Donation
Mother and children at funeral
Funeral Attendance Etiquette for Former Mother-in-Law
woman reading eulogy
9 Things You Should Never Say at a Funeral