Thank You Note Samples After Receiving Funeral Flowers, Donations, or Food

sample thank you note for receipt of funeral flowers

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Funerals are stressful, particularly after someone close to you passes. After laying your loved one to rest, you're emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. You probably don't want to do anything, so your friends have come to the rescue to help you out with food, help around the house, and a listening ear. They're doing this out of concern and love for you.

Other friends may have sent flowers or donations to a charity in honor of the deceased. They probably don't expect anything from you in return, but it's still good form to write thank you notes when you're able to.

Most people will understand if it takes you several weeks or even a month or two, and they don't expect a long letter. If you decide to write a thank you note after the funeral, keep it simple and to the point, letting those who brought or sent something know how much you appreciate their kindness and generosity.

Thank You Note Samples for Flowers

Traditionally, people have sent flowers, either for the funeral and gravesite or for the family to take home afterward. They may have been in the form of a funeral wreath, cut flowers in a vase, or potted so you can transplant them later. 

Here are some examples of thank you notes to those who sent funeral flowers:
Dear Matthew,
Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement after Peter’s passing. I am sure you are grieving too, but know that he always thought of you as one of his closest friends.
Many thanks,

Dear Sally and John,
The wreath you sent to the funeral home was stunning. My family and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration during this difficult time. Your support and kindness are helping us through this difficult time.

Thank You Note Samples for Donations

Many people choose to request donations to a favorite charity in place of flowers. If your friends have honored this, you need to thank them for their generosity and thoughtfulness. Most charities send cards to the family of the deceased with the names of donors so you'll know where the money or gift items came from. 

Here are some examples of thank you notes for people who donated to a charity in memory of your loved one:

Dear Anthony,
Thank you so much for the generous donation to the American Heart Association in Zeke’s name. As you know, he suffered from heart disease for years before his passing, and this was the perfect gift in his memory.

Dear Betty and Sam,
My family appreciates your donation to the SPCA in memory of our beloved Oscar. As you know, he was always an animal lover and fostered many dogs and cats throughout the years. I'm hoping to continue bringing in animals temporarily until we can find them "forever" homes.
Your friend and neighbor,

Thank You Note for Food

Your friends, neighbors, and business associates may get together to provide meals for the days that follow the funeral of your loved one. This is their way of letting you know they care about you and want to do what they can to make your life easier during your time of sorrow.

After the funeral, people are likely to stop by your house to pay their respects and express their sympathy. Although you don't have to have refreshments for them, it's always nice when someone steps up and provides something for visitors. They're doing their part to take the burden off of you.

Here are a couple of examples for thank you notes to friends who brought food before or after the funeral:

Dear Paula,
I want to thank you for attending Mom’s funeral and bringing food afterward. This gave me comfort, knowing you were there and I wouldn’t have to cook for a couple of days. I’ll call you soon after I have time to clear away a few things.

Dear Alan,
Thank you so much for bringing the family-sized platters of cold cuts, vegetables, and fruit after Kevin's funeral Your generosity and thoughtfulness in bringing finger foods for guests helped my family get through the most difficult time. It was nice to not have to worry about feeding all of those people when they stopped by the house over the next several days.
Sad but grateful,

Show of Support

The very act of people sending flowers, bringing food, or donating to a charity shows that they want to help support you during this time of grieving. Always graciously accept whatever they offer and thank them afterward.