Funny Things Kids Say and Do

Those hilarious, sometimes shocking, things we didn't teach them

The funny things kids say and do keep parents on their toes. You've heard your fair share of questions or remarks from your child or you've seen them do something you couldn't have dreamed up yourself.

We don't know where they get this stuff. But somehow they manage to make us laugh, even though we're sometimes horrified about the things they say or do that we didn't teach them.

You can probably relate to these scenarios of the child who...

  • screams when she sees a ladybug but has no problem bringing you a roach by the legs.
  • updates your Facebook status with every letter on the keyboard.
  • calls Mommy's feminine hygiene products, "really big bandages."
  • dumps cornmeal all over the kitchen floor to pretend she's on a sandy beach.
  • wears your nice oven mitts on her feet.
  • mispronounces Wal-Mart as Mal-Wart.
  • puts cat stickers on the dog and dog stickers on the cat.
  • prays for her grandparents, friends and ... playground.
  • creates a new login for your computer, completely locking you out of your system.
  • asks you to take her to the baby store so she can trade her new baby brother for a sister.
  • uses Mommy's bra as a protective shield from brain-sucking aliens.
  • says she got a poo poo when she means a boo boo.

You've got some good stories. Tell other parents about the funny things your kids say and do.