How to Furnish a Home Office for an Effective Workflow

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Your home office furniture has a big impact on your productivity, and that is why it helps to pay special attention to your needs and how you like to work. For an efficient work flow it usually helps to have everything within easy reach.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Let the size of your work space and the nature of your work determine the size, style or configuration of your home office furniture. And while a small space can be challenging, there are ways to get around it.

To get started here are some tips on how to plan and set up an office space.

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Home Office Essentials

You can be as elaborate as your space and budget permit, but the very basic essentials of a home office are:

  • A work surface
  • Proper seating
  • Sufficient storage
  • Efficient lighting

Work Surfaces, Office Desks and Workstations

Your home office work surface options can range from elaborate wrap-around home office desks to small corner desks. For most people something in between will suffice nicely.

Your home office desk should be able to accommodate your computer equipment and be sturdy enough to support it. Many people don't use heavy equipment

Rolltop office desks or workstations can offer enough room for your equipment, a work surface and enough storage. These are especially useful in smaller spaces or where you may not have the luxury of a separate room for your home office.

Just shut the door on all the clutter when you are not working.

Standing desks, or desks with adjustable heights are gaining some popularity. They tend to be more expensive, but if fitness is an important issue the investment may be worthwhile.

Even when cost is an issue, don't skimp on quality, but buy used or recycled furniture instead.

You may have to do some legwork to find something that suits your needs, but it will pay off.

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Office Chairs

If you spend a considerable amount of time in your home office, you deserve to invest in a good office chair. They can be expensive, but the cost is worth it. An uncomfortable chair can hurt your back and cut off proper blood flow to your legs leading to discomfort and pain.

If you spend just a couple of hours in your home office, then you may not have to invest in a very high quality chair. Make sure that your back is supported and that the chair is the proper height for you.

Most office chairs come with an adjustable height feature. You also need to make sure that the seat is not too deep for you and you can lean back easily to rest your back. Also remember to pull your chair up close enough to the desk.

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Storage Containers and Shelves

Files, loose papers, files and office supplies can create a lot of clutter and need to be organized properly. For that you need efficient storage.

You will need filing cabinets, shelves and containers to help you organize. You may have an office desk or armoire that has built in filing drawers, or you may want to purchase them separately.

If you find filing cabinets a little expensive, improvise by using other containers that are easily available in places like Office Depot, Target or even IKEA.

Organize your papers, disks and office supplies with the help of containers placed shelves or under your desk.

You can repurpose furniture for office storage, too. Nightstands with drawers can double up as printer stands and provide storage for printer paper and other office supplies.

Going vertical can also save space.

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Home Office Lighting

Glare is one of the problems that can cause eye fatigue in a home office. You have to make sure that you have done every thing to minimize that. Positioning your monitor in such a way that it doesn't reflect light from windows and other light sources can go a long way towards minimizing that.

You will need some ambient lighting, which is light that comes from all directions in addition to the more focused task lighting. Floor lamps such as torchieres can provide ambient light as can chandeliers or wall sconces.

You can find plenty of lamps for task lighting in a whole range of price points. For budget friendly task lighting you can shop at places like the Office Depot, Target or IKEA. For high quality lighting Artemide is a good brand.

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