Furniture Rental Tips for your Staged Home

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    Find Furniture Stores that Help Staging Homeowners

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    Furniture rental could be your home's best asset if you're moving out of your home to sell it. A vacant house without furniture appears cold, barren and has echoes. Potential buyers find it difficult to visualize how and where the furniture would fit. Believe it or not, rooms may look larger when empty but they are more appealing and realistic when styled and furnished for maximum appeal. In fact, studies have shown that properties that are staged with furniture sell faster and for better prices than those that are vacant. But as filling an empty house with furnishings and accessories could be pricey, we point you these home furniture rental tips that will help you save money while staging your property beautifully.

    Look for furniture stores that provide fast and safe delivery  

    When your home is on the market, you probably do not have a lot of time on hand. You need to work with a furniture rental company that is going to deliver the pieces on time and arrange them in the right spot quickly and professionally. Moreover, you will want to go with the store that will pick up the staged furniture once your house is sold. Many companies do not include the pickup and drop in the price, so make sure to ask. Also, do some research and look for a company in your area. This will help you save a lot of shipping costs, especially if not included.

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    Choose Neutral Colored Furniture that Complements the Space

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    Consider buying or renting neutral-colored patio furniture  

    While you may think that neutral colored furnishings are for indoors only, in reality it looks great outdoors as well. Simplifying the colors of your patio furniture can beautifully complement the environment and help it truly stand out. You want to achieve a universal look that is inviting and interesting, but not too over-the-top. Colors such as blue, yellow and brown are ideal for staging an outdoor space. You can enhance the look with bright colored throw cushions and accent pieces which are also available with furniture rental companies.  

    Choose bedroom furniture that complements the space

    When it comes to home staging, furniture should complement the best features of the space. Choose bedroom furniture that will flow with the interior spaces, but will still show off your bedrooms in their best light. Remember to use furniture that will help sell the house. That means pick pieces that fit with the interior of the home, and choose them primarily for the purpose of decor rather than comfort. Also, it’s alright to have fewer pieces of furniture in the bedroom than you would if you were living in there. If unsure, have a furniture rental expert come and look at your house for advice. It’s always a good idea to seek professional help.

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    Cheap Furniture May Be a Good Option for Vacant Homes

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    On a Budget? Cheap furniture may help you stage quickly

    In order to rent furniture on cheap it’s important to understand what all is included in the pricing and contract. There may be fixed prices for dining room rental furniture, for example, but factors such as number of pieces, time period, and delivery/pickup also affect the overall pricing. Make sure to figure that out before signing the contract. Also, find out if the company has a minimum time for renting. Look for furniture stores that focus a part of their business on staging as they will be more flexible with rental time periods.

    Moreover, if you have hired a home stager, check with them if they offer a package that includes furniture rental. If not they might be able to connect you with a reliable source and get items on discounted prices.  

    There is no doubt that an elegantly-furnished home can help it sell faster. In fact, furniture is a major part of staging a home- especially one that is vacant. Adding the right furnishings to a house can both make the place more visually appealing and help potential buyers imagine themselves actually living there. So, use these tips and make the initial investment to stage your property. It can be the difference between closing the deal today and selling your house months from now.