Learn Furniture Terms in Different Languages

There are times when you may need to know words for common furniture items in other languages. When you are traveling to a foreign country, for instance, or perhaps when you are trying to make visitors from other countries comfortable.

When you study the history of furniture, you are bound to come across all the different influences from different parts of the world. And today the world is shrinking, as we travel and deal with people from other countries all the time. Knowing just a few words is...MORE often enough to get a simple message across. Besides, learning new languages is fun and a great way to keep your mental faculties sharp.

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    Spanish Furniture Terms

    Hacienda Style
    Hacienda Style. Photo (c) PriceGrabber

    Spanish furniture was influenced by Moorish as well as European styles and often uses leather as well as wrought iron along with wood. Carved wood, as well as silver, ebony and tortoiseshell inlays, can be found on tabletops and in cabinetry.

    The Spanish style was brought to the Americas by the conquistadors. You will see these influences in Southwestern furniture also.

    Here are the most common Spanish words for objects around the home including furniture. Furniture itself is muebles. A furniture store would be tienda de muebles or more simply, mueblería.

    Often, words may vary by region and many words can also have different meanings according to the context.

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    Italian Words for Furniture

    Michelangelo Wardrobe by Selva
    Michelangelo Wardrobe by Selva. Photo (c) Selva

    Italian furniture can often be very ornate and flamboyant, as well as very modern and streamlined. While Natuzzi is the largest Italian manufacturer, Designitalia, Selva and Saba Italia are also some of the well-known brands.

    Furniture in Italian is i mobili. A sofa is il divano, while a chair is la sedia. Click on the words to learn the correct pronunciation.

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    French Furniture Vocabulary

    Display Shelf and Buffet from the Pierre Deux French Country Collection, Highland House
    Display Shelf and Buffet from the Pierre Deux French Country Collection, Highland House. Photo(c) Highland House

    The French have given us so many wonderful furniture styles, techniques and even types of furniture among other things. The royal furniture styles at courts, as well as the more rustic ones used in the countryside, ​continue to cast their influences even today.

    Not only that, we use many French words for furniture every day such as armoire, chaise and etagere. 

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    German House and Home Glossary

    Chamber Painting, Berlin, Germany. Early Victorian period.
    Chamber Painting, Berlin, Germany. Early Victorian period. By Leopold Zielcke

    Germany hosts some of the most prestigious home furnishings shows such as imm Cologne and Heimtextil. The Biedermeier style came from Germany and was an influential style. It is still much appreciated today.

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    Furniture and Fixtures in Mandarin

    Asian Spice Sofa (Back). Photo (c) Century Furniture

    China has become one of the most important manufacturers of furniture today, but even before this China influenced Western furniture. Chinoiserie was a term coined in the 17th century to describe ornate Chinese-inspired furniture.​

    Feeling adventurous? How about learning some Mandarin words for furniture and common household products. A sofa is shāfā, and a coffee table is chá jī.

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    McGee Chair, C.R. Laine
    McGee Chair, C.R. Laine. Photo (c) C.R. Laine

    Furnishing in a Japanese style means furnishing in a serene style. The colors are subdued, and the lines simple. Traditional Japanese furniture was low to the ground and storage has always been an important consideration. Shoji screens and futons are two pieces of furniture that come from Japan and are very popular in the West.