FurReal Friends My Magical StarLily

Furreal Pets Lily My Magical Unicorn

When you are a little girl in preschool or in the early elementary school years, life is so magical. Playtime during these years is full of dreams and experiences that involve caring for babies and pets, pretending to be princesses, then using their hands-on skills and imagination to create and accessorize these worlds.

Over time, the FurReal Friends family of toys from Hasbro have been developed to provide more and more interaction during playtime with children.

These animal toys have sensors embedded within their fur to react based upon how a child plays with their toy as they utilize their voice to speak to it, or their hands to pet their fur or scratch their ears. Kids will love interacting with their toy pets which have included exotic and domestic animals like monkeys, puppies, walking dogs, kittens, and horses. Starlily the unicorn, is one of the first fantasy pets. 

Starlily My Magical Unicorn has a magnetic personality that people are magically drawn to. Her horn blinks a variety of colors as her moods change. She will chirp, speak and babble while flapping her unicorn wings and blinking her eyelashes.

This is not as squishy as a typical plush toy, but Starlily has a sturdy body that isn't exactly light, but she is poseable.  Starlily arrives with one accessory, her sugarberry toy, which sometimes she likes to munch on when it is placed in her mouth, while other times she may spit it out saying, "Yuck!" 

Starlily also reacts to music. Should she "go to sleep" after being inactive, there is a small button on her back, in between her wings, that can be pressed to wake her up.  Unlike many toys with mechanical and moving parts, Starlily does not sound like a robot when she moves. 

Frequently battery-operated toys can have a short repertoire of excitement, rotating through 5 reactions in a specific order.

FurReal pets, like My Magical Starlily include 100 different sound and motion combinations that aren't predictable.

Hasbro has created an app featuring Starlily and her life in the enchanted forest. Though the app isn't required for any play with the toy in the real world, with the appropriate parental supevision, many children like expanding their play schemes with their favorite characters and toys in virtual worlds. 

This highly sought after holiday toy could be so popular she'll be difficult to find, but should you magically see her waiting on a retail shelf or at an online toy retailer for adoption, Starlily requires 4 "C" batteries.

Please don't forget to purchase batteries. While Starlily is certainly soft, her actions and interactions are best adored when kids can be rewarded by watching her flap her wings, bat her eyelashes, nuzzle, react to the scratching under chin and say "yuck" to her sugarberry.  

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