A Comprehensive Guide to Common Futon Mattress Sizes

Gray futon with striped throw pillows on a gray rug next to a bookshelf and floor plant

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A futon is a highly practical and versatile piece of furniture that's particularly useful if you need a sofa and a bed, but only have space for one of the two. Whether it's in your living room or home office, it allows you to quickly and easily transform the space into a guest room. Futons originated in Japan in the 17th century as roll-up cotton mattresses that were only a couple of inches thick and placed on the floor for sleeping, then rolled up and stored away when not being used. They evolved past their original appearance and became popular in the Western world in the 1970's as a space-saving solution and great alternative to bulky sleeper sofas.

As with regular beds, futons and futon mattresses come in standard sizes and are made from various materials, which can make choosing the right one overwhelming. We have compiled this comprehensive guide to futon mattresses so that you can find a futon that's comfortable for both sitting and sleeping on and that best fits your space.

Common Futon Mattress Sizes

One of the first things to consider when buying a futon is size. Sure, you want it to be visually appealing and fit your style, but determining the size that you need and that your space can accommodate is the first thing to figure out. You may be wondering whether futon mattress sizes mirror regular mattress sizes, and the answer is yes. For example, a twin-sized futon mattress is the same size as a twin-sized bed mattress. Listed below are all the standard mattress sizes and dimensions to help you see what will fit best in your space:

 TWIN MATTRESS  38" x 75"
 TWIN XL MATTRESS  38" x 80"
 FULL MATTRESS  54" x 75"
 QUEEN MATTRESS  60" x 80"
 KING MATTRESS  76" x 80"

Whenever you're planning on buying a new piece of furniture, measuring the room that it's going in is a crucial step... because who wants to deal with complicated and expensive returns that could have been avoided! This is especially important when it comes to a futon since it essentially has two sizes; make sure that the futon fits your space not just when it's in the sofa position but also when it's folded out and being used as a bed. That way you'll ensure that there is enough space around it when it's folded out so that guests can easily and comfortably get out of bed.

Futon Mattress Types

Just like regular mattresses, futon mattresses are made from various materials that provide a range of comfort, firmness and bounce. They also range in price, so think about how much the futon will be used as a bed and whether it's worth the investment to splurge on a more expensive and comfortable mattress, or whether it will only be used every once in a while by the occasional out of town guest, in which case you may not need the best, top of the line one. Whether you choose a memory foam, hybrid or latex mattress, you want to make sure that it's at least eight inches thick to ensure it has enough padding and comfort.

Futon Styles

There are many different types of futons, both in terms of construction and visual appearance. Some futons come with a wooden frame and a mattress that can be rolled up or folded. They usually have arms like a traditional sofa does and tend to be heavier and harder to move around, which makes them a good choice if their primary purpose will be for sitting or lounging and only occasional sleeping.

Futons that have a metal construction are usually a little more modern and streamlined, and often armless. This means that they tend to be more comfortable to sleep on (especially for people who are tall!) since you're not hitting your head or feet on any arms. They're also more lightweight than ones with wooden frames, so if you're planning on using the futon for guests more frequently, this is a good option. And, if you're worried about keeping the futon clean and protecting the mattress, many come with numerous slipcover options that will help you do that.